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Pestrol Terminator Mosquito Trap


Indoor/Outdoor Mosquito Trap which is perfect solution for your residence.

Terminator covers around 1500 sq. m area and its effective against mosquitoes and all other flying insects like Common Moth, Guava Moth, Codling Moth, Aphids, Sand Flies, Midges and more.

You can purchase a 30 ft extension cord for the unit.  $19.99

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Why choose Terminator?

  • Coverage: 1500m2
  • Customers love this product as it so effective in catching Mosquitoes.
  • Most effective against mosquitoes, midges, common moth, guava moth, codling moth, aphids, sand flies, and more
  • 360 degree UV Light to attract mosquitoes, midges and other small insects
  • Comes with a adapter unit to convert power from 240 volts to 12 volts.
  • Produces CO2 and imitates human breath to attract mosquitoes
  • Powerful fan which creates suction vacuum to suck insects
  • Built in Heat Generator for simulating human prey
  • Attractant comes in separate cubes. A single attractant would last 3-4 weeks
  • Large catchment holder easily emptied to collect insects
  • Weatherproof unit, also perfect for camping

How terminator works?

The unit is designed to simulate human prey with it’s cleverly designed features like :

  • Carbon Dioxide—is the primary lure used and is produced through by the Photocatalyst reaction of UV ray from the light source radiating onto a panel coated with Titanium Dioxide (TiO2).
  • Heat—the human body gives off heat, so too does the Terminator Mosquito Trap, mimicking human prey.
  • Ultraviolet Light—mosquitoes are drawn towards ultraviolet light.  The Terminator Mosquito Trap has an oscillating light to lure in mosquitoes.
  • Dark Colour—mosquitoes are naturally lured towards darker colours, and The Terminator Mosquito Trap has been designed to take advantage of this.
  • Fan—when mosquitoes are lured in and getting closer to the Terminator Mosquito Trap, they will be sucked into the catch container by the vacuum suction where they then dehydrate.
  • Attractant—is a chemical produced by the human body which attracts Mosquitoes.  The attractant (which is an optional extra) reproduces the human bodies odour and increases the catch rate up to 4 times.  The attractant will last about 3-4 weeks.

Things to note :

  • The Terminator is waterproof and designed to operate outdoors.  The unit is most effective in shaded areas.  The Terminator can lure insects within a 1500 m2 area.
  • While the Terminator Mosquito Trap will begin to catch mosquitoes immediately, if there is any mosquito activity in the vicinity it may take 6-8 weeks of use to reduce local populations to the point that breeding cycles are interrupted. You may reduce the use of The Terminator at this point but subsequent re-infestation may occur after significant rain.
  • If you are planning an outdoor event you need to operate the Terminator for an extended time before the event.  It is advised that you run the Terminator 24/7 during the height of your mosquito season to ensure you can enjoy your outdoor activities.

Dimensions: 21.5 x 21.5 x 32 cm

Weight: 1.10 kg

12 V AC adapter

2.4 Amps down

7 reviews for Pestrol Terminator Mosquito Trap

  1. Gordon (verified owner)

    good system – just the bykill that bothers me

  2. mark c. (verified owner)

    we started off with getting the wrong order …but efficiently rectified ! have had the terminator plugged in now for around 2 1/2 weeks … lots being caught in its trap …looking forward to mozzie free summer outdoors !!

  3. Fran (verified owner)

    I hate mosquitos and now we don’t get any. Any amazing product – highly recommend

  4. Patrick Wardlaw (verified owner)

  5. Josephine L. (verified owner)

  6. Candace W. (verified owner)

  7. David and Margaret C.

    Have been using this product for 2 months now. We bought 2 for both sides of the home.

    Bet mosquito catcher I have used…The lure makes a huge difference to the catch.

    I love emptying the mosquitoes every day or so. Also great not to be bitten all the time when having a BBQ outside

    David and Margaret C. Greenhithe Auckland

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