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The Tomcat Tunnel Trapping System is an excellent way to control pests like rats when poison baits or other control methods aren’t an option.

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The Tomcat® Tunnel™ Trapping System is an excellent way to control pests like rats, or other pests when poison baits or other control methods aren’t an option.

The complete trapping system includes 2 Heavy Duty Reusable Snap Traps, 1 protective tunnel, unlocking key and a key cap & insert for keyless use. Place the Tomcat® Tunnel™ Trapping System in areas of pest activity such as yards, gardens, landscaping, or indoors in sheds, garages or barns.

– Quick, humane way

– Tunnel made of high quality polypropylene shelters traps from dirt and moisture

– Locking tunnel protects traps and reduces potential risk of tampering by children, pets and other wildlife

– “Head-on” capture and heavy duty traps with patented interlocking teeth make it virtually impossible to escape

– High impact plastic can be used again and again

– Use in a variety of indoor and outdoor locations

– Traps snap inside tunnel and cable zip ties can be used for securing in horizontal or vertical placement

– Meets stringent NAWAC animal welfare standards established in New Zealand and recognised around the world.


  1. Andy P. (verified owner)

    Great service and product as usual from Lifestyle Focus – have already trapped a very large rat and expect more to come. Anyone thinking of trapping rats, the Tomcat Tunnel Trapping System is very easy to use and effective.

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