Ultrasonic Battery Powered Rodent Repeller


NEW ! Pestrol has introduced a battery powered rodent repeller! 

Effective range : 185 sq m – unobstructed

Perfect unit to repel rats/mice in difficult to reach areas where you may not have access to electricity.

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Why you should buy our Battery Powered Rodent Repeller?

  • Best to use in difficult to reach areas where you may not have access to electricity.
  • Sufficient intensity and duration of the ultrasonic sound wave to attack the auditory and nervous systems of most common rodents.
  • They will attempt to avoid the area and give up staying at your place.
  • Its important to note that there are limitations with ultrasonic waves, ie they can not penetrate through obstacles or more around corners.
  • If you require a Rat and Mice repeller with multiple technologies including electromagnetic pulses that get sent through the wiring in your home/work, then you can consider the Pestrol Rodent Free.


  • ULTRASONIC PEST CONTROLLER projects direct frequency of 40,000 Hz to 42,000 Hz for 0.4 seconds at every 8 seconds intermittently.
  • It will affect rats and mice badly and they will never get used to the undulatory signal emitted by the unit.
  • The Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller uses 1 x 9V alkaline battery (not supplied) and the battery will last approximately 6 months.

Battery Installation:

  1. Remove the bottom case by twisting it counterclockwise.
  2. Install 1 x 9V battery to the snap connector.
  3. Replace the bottom case by twisting it clockwise until locked.
  4. The light will indicator will flash every 4 seconds to let you know the unit is working properly.
  5. When the light stops blinking, it is time to replace the battery.


  • Dimensions: 108mm across x 30mm depth
  • Frequency Range: 25,000Hz- 26,000Hz
  • Effective Range: 2000sq feet (185m²)- unobstructed
  • Power Supply: 9V battery x 1 (not included)
  • Output sound pressure: 130dB (average)


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