Winter Rodent Protection Package!

$654.60 $534.67

3x Rodent Free units and 1x Impact Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller and 1x Pestrol Elite Solar Yard Repeller!

Position the 3x Rodent free units in your home, place the Impact Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller in your garage or roof cavity to repel the rats and mice. Also adding a Pestrol Elite Solar Yard Repeller in your backyard to help keep your home completely rodent free!

Coverage of Pestrol Rodent Free

1 unit covers a 1-2 bedroom home
2 units cover a 2-3 bedroom home
3 units cover a 3-4 bedroom home
Multi-level homes require minimum 1 unit per floor

Coverage of Impact Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller

1 unit covers an average sized garage.

Coverage of Pestrol Elite Solar Yard Repeller

Up to 25 meters, Detection angles – Vertical 90° degrees | Horizontal 145° degrees

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Read more about Rodent Free Pro, Impact Repeller and Elite Solar Yard Repeller here.

Pestrol Rodent Free Pro

Pestrol Rodent Free Pro

The Pestrol Rodent Free Pro unit has been used effectively in homes and wide a range of different business settings throughout New Zealand, Australia, and many countries overseas for well over 10 years.

Get rid of rodents with our Pestrol Rodent Free!

  • Three technologies: Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic, and Ionic
  • Covers walls, ceiling and open spaces
  • Rats, mice want to leave and helps remove cockroaches
  • Chemical free safe for kids and pet-friendly
  • Does not affect Wi.Fi or burglar alarms
  • 24/7  protection, can last up to to 10 years
  • 2 Year Warranty on the unit
  •  60 day money back guarantee
  • Made of fire retardant materials plus has an inline safety fuse.

Estimated Coverage 

  • 1 Unit covers a very small 1-2 bedroom home
  • 2 Units cover a 2-3 bedroom home
  • 3 units cover a 3-4 bedroom home
  • Multi-level homes require 1 Unit per Floor

Where to use:

  • Inside your home                      Restaurants
  • Garage                                         Hotels
  • Shops                                           Offices
  • Schools                                        Hospitals
  • Holiday homes                          Day care centres
  • Caravans


The Electromagnetic technology used in the Pestrol Rodent Free utilises the existing wiring within the walls of your home or building by simply sending random computer generated pulses through the wires. This pulsing is tuned to directly affect the rodents and cockroaches nervous system. The electromagnetic technology is the main/most powerful defense of this unit to protect your home against rats, mice and cockroaches.

Electromagnetic pulses converted to random computer generated intervals ensuring the rats, mice and cockroaches will not build up a tolerance. Vibrations caused by the unit are felt by the pests, making it almost impossible for them to gather food, breed, communicate and build their nests. The pulsing ensures the rodents and cockroaches vacate the area covered to regain comfort and quality of life.


The Ultrasonic technology is a high frequency sound emitted from the unit. This is designed to be outside of the typical human hearing range. The Pestrol Rodent Free Ultrasonic frequency emits a pulse or wave that disturbs and disorients rodents and cockroaches, driving them away from your home or business. Similar to the effect of the Electromagnetic pulses this high frequency sound creates a very uncomfortable environment for the rats, mice and roaches making it almost impossible for them to communicate, breed, gather food, nest and live their daily lives.

The ultrasonic sound waves cannot pass through solid objects and walls. The ultrasonic sound emitted from this unit will be effective in the room that you have placed the unit in, although the electromagnetic pulses will go on to cover the remaining of the 150m2 of your home through the wiring circuit.

Using a variable pulse generator, the Pestrol Rodent Free emits fluctuating sound waves ensuring pests do not become accustomed or immune to the Ultrasonic waves.


Ionic technology works to emit electrically charged negative atoms that are very common in our atmosphere. Negative ions are produced naturally by lightning before a storm. Animals are naturally sensitive to negative ions and you may notice that long before a large weather change or lightning storm, cockroaches, rodents and other animals sense a change in the environment. You may notice just before a storm many animals will become unsettled, change their behaviour and begin looking for protection and coverage away from the incoming storm.

The Pestrol Rodent Frees’ Ionic function mimic’s the electrical charge of an incoming storm throughout your home or business, transforming your area into a hostile environment. Pests become confused and frightened, causing them to seek shelter far from the range of any Pestrol Rodent Free product.

Besides making your area a deterrent against pests, the Ionic technology constantly works to purify the air you breathe, helping create a pest free and healthy environment within your home or business.

Impact Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller


The Pestrol Impact Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller uses ultrasonic frequencies that range from 25-65 kHz to startle and repell rodents. The Ultrasonic noise emitted from this unit effects the auditory and nervous systems of rats and mice making it near impossible for them to go about their daily habits, therefore preventing them from entering or living in the protected area. The unit has a power cord attached which gives you the ability to place the unit exactly where you need it. The Pestrol Impact Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller has 180 degrees front facing range will cover/protect up to 200m2.

We recommend placing this unit at one end of the space you want to keep rats and mice away from. Place the Pestrol Impact Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller clear from any obstruction  as the sound waves do not pass through walls or other solid objects. Please do not place unit on carpeted surfaces, behind furniture, curtains or other soft objects as they will absorb the sound waves. Do not use unit outdoors or let water come into contact with the unit.

Pestrol Elite Solar Yard Repeller

A fully functional solar powered sonic & ultrasonic pest animal & bird repeller with strobe light.

  • Sonic & Ultrasonic Settings
  • Flashing Strobe light deterrent
  • 25m Motion Detection range
  • Can be powered by alkaline batteries in low light environments
  • Easy to use | No wiring | simple to install
  • Can be put into the ground with supplied stake or hung on a wall or fence.
  • Lots of different modes available to target your specific pest
  • Target Cats, Dogs, Possums, Birds, Rodents, (including Mice and Rats), Rabbits, Stoats, Ferrets, Weasels & other pests


  • Repels a very wide variety of animals and birds that can be a nuisance
  • Solar powered and environmentally friendly
  • Easy to use, motion activated control so the device doesn’t keep going off.
  • Simple to install and can be mounted virtually anywhere or staked into the ground

Note: for easy re-attachment of backing panel, soak in hot water for a few seconds.

Rodent Free Pro Specifications

  • Electromagnetic pulsing covers approx. 150m2
  • Size: H13 W7.7 D6.5 mm (approx.)
  • Power: AC 240 V/50HZ
  • Power consumption: 8 Watts (Max.)
  • Ultrasonic Frequency: Various frequencies used.
  • Ultrasonic Wave: At selected intervals
  • Electromagnetic Pulse: At computer generated intervals

Impact Repeller Specifications

Size: 10 x 12 x 10

Weight: 172g

Elite Solar Yard Repeller Specifications

  • Ultrasonic sound waves:
    • Sweep frequency: 10-50khz
    • 4 fixed frequency’s: 16,5khz, 25khz, 33khz, 40khz
    • Ultrasonic is very effecive against animals
  • Sonic  sound waves
    • Broadcast 17 different auditory distress calls (for repelling birds)
    • 9 different auditory distress sounds (for repelling animals)
    • Sonic Sound is very effective against birds & animals
  • Strobe light
    • 6 LED lights
    • Modes: 24hr Mode, Day Mode, Night Mode
    • The stobe light is an effective deterrent against bords and animals.
  • Motion Sensor Range
    • Up to 25 metres
    • Detection angles – Vertical 90° degrees | Horizontal 145° degrees
    • The unit works for 8-12 seconds when it detects a pest within it’s range.


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