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Spring has come and gone, so welcome to the mosquito season.

How well we enjoy Summer in New Zealand depends a lot on how many mosquitoes there are waiting for us outside. Their bites are itchy and their drone annoying, but there’s also concern that mosquitoes carrying dangerous diseases are knocking on our door.

Mosquitoes in your garden/backyard/bushes

We have been selling these powerful mosquito traps for more than 8 years now and we keep getting lots of good reviews from our existing customers. You can choose one of the 3 outdoor traps depending on the area you wish to cover. All 3 traps come with a handle on top, making it an easy to set and forget unit.

These traps are effective units for catching and eliminating insects like mosquitoes, midges, flies, Asian beetles, sandflies, common moth, guava moth, codling moth, aphids and more.

Exterminator : Covers an area of 1000 sq. m.

Terminator : Covers an area of 1500 sq. m.

Dominator : Covers an area up to 2 acres or more. Great machine for larger properties.

Mosquitoes in Bedroom? You need Pestrol Sleep Easy Indoor Mosquito Trap.

Sleep easy is a small unit with elegant built. Sundown Sensor on the device activates the mosquito trap as soon as the room goes dark. The unit has an additional feature of LED night light and ambience light.

Its always a best practice to use attractant/lure along with these devices. It actually speeds up the process of attracting mosquitoes. Octenol is the key ingredient in each lure, and is also contained in human breath & sweat, that makes them love us so much.

Lures you can buy at Pestrol :

RapidAction Terminator Lures : You can buy a pack of 3 RapidAction lure from our website. Just peel off the top cover and one attractant would last for 3-4 weeks.

Octenol lures for Dominator & Exterminator : You can buy a pack of 5 Octenol . Just prick some holes on the foil cover and one tab would last approx 3-4  weeks.

Pestrol Outdoor Exterminator

Pestrol Outdoor Terminator

Pestrol Outdoor Dominator XL

Mosquitoes inside your home or office

Sleep Easy Mosquito Trap

Equipped with Sundown sensor, this mosquito trap activates as soon as the room goes dark.

Sleep Easy has extremely effective LEDs to lure mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects.

Once mosquitoes get attracted to the trap, they are sucked into the vacuum created by the silent fan.

There’s a catchment area at the bottom of the unit where all the mosquitoes dehydrate and die.

You can also use a Lure to attract the biting Mosquitoes.

Sleep easy has an additional feature of a LED night light & ambience light.

Powered by USB with DC 5 V safe voltage, you can use this unit even using a power bank or your laptop.

Its small, portable and perfect for your travels.

Pestrol Sleep Easy Mosquito Trap

Solar charged & Portable Mosquito Trap for camping needs

Pestrol Solar Outdoor Mosquito Zapper

Pestrol Zapper is a powerful mosquito trap which works in the night. It’s a light and portable unit, hang it in your backyard or take it camping this summer!

No power usage, just few hours of sun to charge the unit.

The Zapper will kill mozzies for 15 hours and the light on the unit will last for 30 hours in one full charge.

The unit is equipped with carry handle that can be used to hang the unit with ease. And its pretty easy to dispose off insects by just emptying the bottom catchment area.

The unit also comes with a stake that can be pushed into the ground if need be.

Pestrol Solar Mosquito Zapper