Pestrol provides effective bed bug control products and bed bug sprays for New Zealand homes. Bed bugs are parasites which can infest your bed, mattresses and bedding. They feed on your blood at night when you are asleep as they are attracted to your body heat and the carbon dioxide that you exhale when you breathe

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Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation:

Signs that ou have a bed bug problem include:

  • A strong musty odour on your bed or bedding
  • Blood spots on your bedding
  • Bite marks on your hands, arm, face and legs
  • A drop in the quality of your sleep at night (i.e. you suddenly become more restless during the night)
  • live bed bugs
  • eggs and egg shells (tiny 1mm yellow skins)
  • dark spots on your mattress or your walls surrounding the bed

It is important to note that bed bug infestations can grow very quickly, females can lay up to 500 eggs per day so it pays to get rid of these insect pests very quickly. Pestrol’s bed bug control products will help you do this and include bed bug traps and sprays, mattress steamers, bed bug detectors and insecticides.