Bird Control

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Bird Control Products

Birds can cause a lot of disturbance when they hang around your home or business premises. In addition to the mess and damage they cause – especially with their droppings – birds can also make a lot of noise and disrupt work.

To help you protect your home, building or any other structure from birds, Pestrol has developed effective yet humane products that you could use. Our bird control products are categorised into two:

Bird control, bird repellent

Our bird repellent use a range of technologies to scare away birds and ensure that none roost or nest on your property. Our bird repellent use ultrasound, flashing strobe lights or water jets to ensure that birds stay off your property. The devices are motion activated and will remain inactive until a bird comes within range, thus reducing operating costs. We have three types of bird repellers:

Bird Spikes – an effective bird deterrent

Bird spikes act as a physical bird deterrent to prevent birds from landing, nesting or roosting on buildings and other property. They provide protection for your property without causing any bodily harm to the birds.  This is ideal as birds are an important part of the ecosystem. View our bird spikes >