Pestrol provides a wide range of bird control products for when birds damage your property or are a nuisance. Our bird control products are humane and safe.

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Signs of a bird infestation:

If you notice several of the following then there is a chance that you have a pest bird infestation:

  • increased numbers of birds flying around your property and your home
  • increased amounts of bird droppings around your property
  • increased numbers of bird nests around your property
  • increased noise levels from the local birds
  • increased numbers of birds settling on your roofs or edgings
  • increased amounts of nesting materials strewn around your property and debris from nests and feathers
  • increased numbers of other pests such as mites, rats and mice that are often associated with pest birds

It is also important to note the bird nests can create a fire hazard as well, and their poop is acidic and can damage your property surfaces. As a result, bird infestations need to be eradicated. Pestrol Bird Control products will help you fight these infestations and include bird spikes, electronic bird repellers, bird scarers, bird netting and also water-jet bird repellers.

To help you protect your home, building or any other structure from birds, Pestrol has developed effective yet humane products that you could use. Our bird control products are categorised into two:

Bird repellents

Our bird repellent use a range of technologies to scare away birds and ensure that none roost or nest on your property. Our bird repellent use ultrasound, flashing strobe lights or water jets to ensure that birds stay off your property. The devices are motion activated and will remain inactive until a bird comes within range, thus reducing operating costs. View our bird repellents >

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes act as a physical bird deterrent to prevent birds from landing, nesting or roosting on buildings and other property. They provide protection for your property without causing any bodily harm to the birds. This is ideal as birds are an important part of the ecosystem. View our bird spikes >