Physical Bird Repellers

Are birds causing damage to your property? Looking for a non-lethal but effective way to get rid of them? Physical bird repellers are very effective at keeping birds away from areas where they are not wanted without causing any harm to them. These devices use physical stimuli to scare away birds, or create a barrier that denies them entry into the protected area, or trap the birds for removal and relocation.

Physical bird repellers are effective, easy to install and maintain, non-harmful to the birds, and do not use any chemicals. These bird control solutions are both humane and environmentally friendly.

Physical bird repellers include; Water jet bird repellers (or sprinkler bird repellers), bird netting and bird traps.

Where to use physical bird repellers

  • Water jet bird repellers: gardens, yards, vegetable patches, and balconies.
  • Bird netting: Fruit trees, vineyards, buildings with large openings, rooftops, warehouses and overhangs.
  • Bird traps: Backyards, golf courses, carparks and inside buildings.