Pestrol’s dog control products are wide-ranging and include traps, repellers and ultrasonic dog repellers. We can also look after your pet dog with our ear wax remover and other dog care products.

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  • Pestrol Water Jet Bird/Animal Repeller

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    Ideal solution for outdoor removal of pests.

    Why choose Pestrol Water Jet animal repeller?

    • Water efficient device, 100% harmless to humans as well as animals
    • Simple to use, simply connect it to any garden hose
    • It sprays 5 seconds bursts of water to frighten away birds
    • Equipped with motion sensor and it has a detection range of 10 metres.
    • Only triggers when animals move into the detection area
    • Easy setup, comes with a plastic pole that can be pushed into the ground
    • Adjustable settings with full control on the water usage
    • frequency and sensitivity of the device can be adjusted as per your requirement
    • Great for hot summer months as a run around water activity for families as well!
    • Works against animals like – cats, dogs, birds, ducks, geese, rabbits, possums, foxes and many more.
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  • Pestrol Solar Dog/Cat Away

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    The Pestrol Solar Dog/Cat Away is ideal for keeping dogs & cats away from specific areas around your home. The use of ultrasonic technology along with a bright strobe light makes the Pestrol Solar Dog/Cat Away an effective way to keep pests or even your pets away from an area. Suitable for vege gardens, flower beds, lawns, patios etc.

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  • Pestrol Solar Elite Bird Repeller

    Pestrol Elite Solar Yard Repeller

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    Elite Solar yard repeller is a highly efficient electronic device which repels a variety of animals such as Cats, Dogs, Birds, possums, Mice, Rats, Rabbits, Ferrets and much more.

    Why choose Elite Solar Yard Repeller?

    • It has a detection range of up to 25 metres which means it covers quite a big area
    • Used again pests like : Cats, Dogs, Birds, possums, Mice, Rats, Rabbits, Ferrets and much more.
    • Solar Powered device, environment friendly
    • Comes with rechargeable batteries already installed in the back of the device
    • Simple to install. Comes with a plastic pole as well as screws for easy mounting of device
    • Elite Solar yard repeller uses Ultrasonic technology and LED strobe to repel the pests

    Where to use?

    • Gardens
    • Boats
    • Decks
    • Roofs
    • Dairy farms
    • driveways
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  • Pestrol Solar Compact Repeller

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    Ideal solution for keeping pests, animals and birds away from smaller areas.

    Why choose Solar Compact Pest Repeller?

    • Keeps pests like cats, Dogs, foxes, possums, rodents, birds etc away.
    • Majorly used in specific areas like veggie gardens, flower beds, lawns, patios etc.
    • This device has motion sensor which activates the device whenever pests come in the range.
    • It has a detection range of 5-6 metres.
    • Technologies used by Solar Compact Pest Repeller are Ultrasonic and sonic sound signals and strong flashing LED which together are enough to scare away animals and birds.
    • The device comes with an attachable plastic pole so that it can be easily pushed into the ground.
    • Device runs on solar power which in turn charges the rechargeable batteries.
    • An adapter comes with the device to charge the rechargeable batteries which is of great use in cloudy weather.
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  • Indoor Outdoor Bird/Animal Repeller

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    The Pestrol Indoor/Outdoor Bird/Animal Repeller is an excellent device for repelling birds and animals from indoor as well as outdoor areas.

    Why choose Indoor/Outdoor Bird Repeller ?

    • Deters birds/animals anywhere in the range of 20 metres in front of the device
    • This device uses a combination of Ultrasonic & Sonic technologies, motion sensor and LED light to repel the birds
    • Equipped with motion sensor which activates when pests are in range
    • Device is equipped with Sundown sensor to drive away nocturnal creatures
    • Weather Resistant Device and adapter
    • Environment friendly, safe for humans and pets
    • Comes with a remote control; strobe light and sensor can be activated by remote control
    • AC Adapter and extension cord is included in the packaging of the device
    • Battery Optional : 4 C batteries can be used as a battery backup if required
    • You can also choose the operating time as Day, Night or 24 hours
    • Best used in yards, gardens, patios, roof cavities, garages, sheds, factories, barns, rooftops, boats, small orchards, dairy sheds, boats, schools, farms and more.
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Dogs are beloved pets in many New Zealand homes however stray dogs entering your premises can cause you problems. Unwelcome dogs can dig up your plants, dig up your lawn, leave dog poop around your property and can negatively impact your own pet dog by upsetting your dog or spreading diseases and lice to your pet dog.

Symptoms of a stray dog problem on your property can include unusual and strange dog poop lying about your property, areas dug up around your garden, damaged plants, paw prints and the smell of urine around your property. It is important to note that feral dogs can have rabies and they also leave fleas and lice on your property which your own pet dog can pick up later.