Pestrol’s dog control products are wide-ranging and include traps, repellers and ultrasonic dog repellers. We can also look after your pet dog with our ear wax remover and other dog care products.

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Signs of a Stray Dog Problem:

If you see several of the following signs then there is a chance that you may have a stray dog visiting your property:

  • holes dug in lawn
  • unusual/strange dog poop
  • damaged plants
  • smell of urine around property

Dogs are beloved pets in many New Zealand homes however stray dogs entering your premises can cause you problems. Unwelcome dogs can dig up your plants, dig up your lawn, leave dog poop around your property and can negatively impact your own pet dog by upsetting your dog or spreading diseases and lice to your pet dog. It is important to note that feral dogs can have rabies and they also leave fleas and lice on your property which your own pet dog can pick up later. Check out Pestrol’s range of dog deterrents and stop unwanted canines from visiting your property.