Pestrol fly control products include automatic insecticide dispensers with refill cans, fly traps & repellers, fly repellent clothing, insect screens as well as food tents and Sting gels and sprays.

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Signs of Fly Infestations:

If you see several of the following signs then you may be facing a fly infestation:

  • live flies (many of them not just the odd one that flew in through the window)
  • maggots or fly larvae
  • clusters of dark spots on your walls (which is fly droppings)

Flies are a very annoying pest throughout summer and have ruined many a BBQ. It is important to note that flies breed very fast; a female can lay up to 900 eggs in her lifetime. Adult flies can live for about 30 days. Pestrol provides a full range of fly control products to help combat these infestations.