Green Assassin is a 100% organic weed killer that works within 60 minutes and kills most weed dead.. Kills the leaves but does not enter the roots and in deactivated when it reaches the soil.

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  • Green Assassin Weed Killer

    Green Assassin Weed Killer

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    Green assassin is a Non Toxic, Biodegradable solution to weed growth. Ingredients are based on naturally renewable resources. Green Assassin will kill most weeds and foliage on the first application!

    Why choose Green Assassin ?

    • Organic Weed killer
    • Non toxic, leaves no harmful residue in the soil
    • Designed to work everywhere weed grows like garden beds, lawns, driveways, playgrounds, bricks, cobble stones.
    • Works within 90 minutes
    • Biodegradable solution
    • 4 litres of concentrated weed killer makes 60 litres of solution
    • Safe around children and pets
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