Water Distillers are nature’s way of producing water close to 100% pure. Water is turned to steam and back to water leaving all the contaminants behind. The most effective way to purify water.

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  • Pure Magic Water Distiller

    Pure Magic Counter Top Water Distiller


    This compact, no installation required Water Distiller is perfect for the home or office!

    • Water purification by steam distillation and carbon filtration effectively removes 99.9% of tap water impurities
    • Distillation effectively removes contaminants such as Bacteria, Dissolved solids, Heavy Metals, Chemicals, Pesticides, Insecticides, Giardia, etc
    • Produces clean fresh water that tastes FANTASTIC! This distiller produces approximately 4 litres of distilled water every 4.00 hours.

    Buy Pure Magic Filters here.

    Buy Still Clean to descale the boiler jug.

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  • Water Wizard Counter Distiller


    The Water Wizard Counter Distiller is compact, portable, lightweight and easy to store.  This little powerhouse is a genuine world traveller.

    Simply fill the stainless steel boiler with tap water, press the start button and soon you’ll be enjoying the most deliciously pure and refreshing water you’ve ever had!

    Buy the Water Wizard Filters here.

    Buy Still Clean to descale the boiler jug.

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  • Waterwise 1600 Non -Electric


    Uses virtually any heat source—ideal when there is no electricity and in emergency situations.

    • Purifies water with steam for drinking or food preparation
    • No electricity required
    • Made from durable stainless steel
    • Use with any wood/coal stove, gas burner, hot plate, or open fire
    • Fill spout for continuous operation
    • Makes up 60l of clean drinking water per day
    • Nearly silent operation
    • Easy to clean & operate
    • Perfect for camping, traveling, or boating
    • Handy for emergencies and power outages
    • Includes digital timer w/ alarm
    • 36″ food-grade tubing is heat resistant
    • Weight: 4kgs
    • Dimensions: 12″ tall x 12″ diameter
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  • Precision Water Distiller PWS 12-20

    • Constructed of high grade, polished, 304 stainless steel.
    • Distills 45.4 Litres of the worlds purest water every 24 hours.
    • The 45.4 Litre holding tank gives you the purest drinking water – non stop.
    • Attaches to your plumbing supply with quick connect fitting.
    • Easy to clean and maintain: V-shaped boiling tank bottom for fast, efficient drainage of impurities. Just open the tap and drain.
    • Triple-baffle system for the purest distilled drinking water available.
    • Volatile gas release vent – expels contaminants with a lower boiling point than water.
    • Automatic start/stop float system.
    • Built-in safety system that automatically shuts off the distiller should it overheat.
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  • Precision PWS 8-5 Water Distiller

      • Trouble free float system
      • Highly efficient stainless steel finned coil
      • 3/4″ impurities drain
      • Automatic unit
      • Optional pump kits and automatic drains available
      • 2 year parts and 15 year stainless steel warranty
      • Seal protected switching
      • Large 5″ boiling and storage tank opening
      • Stainless steel post charcoal filter
      • Countertop unit
      • Advanced, worry-free stainless steel water solenoid fill valve


    • Holding Tank Capacity: 14.14LNote: Distilling capacity is for a 24 hour period


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