Pestrol provides an effective range of moth control products. Moths can often be found in your pantry or in closets and they eat food and destroy clothing.

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Signs of a Moth Infestation:

If you see several of the following signs then you are likely facing a moth infestation:

  • lives moths
  • moth larvae (catepillars)
  • cocoon-like silk threads which is the moth pupae (poop)
  • damaged clothing (holes)\
  • damaged carpets or rugs

There are a number of types of moths including; clothes moths, carpet moths and pantry moths- and each of these are pests in their own ways. Like their names suggest, clothes moths damage your clothing by eating the fibers, particularly in knitwear, carpet moths damage your carpet and pantry moths infect your food particularly open packets of dry ingredients. It is important to identify when you are facing an infestation so you can act immediately. Check out our massive range of moth control products.