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Need help choosing right product for your rodent problem?

Electronic Rodent Control

Pestrol Rodent Free Pro – Goes through walls & ceiling, perfect for Homes/offices

Ultrasonic/Electronic/Ionic technologies. Silent Device, doesn’t disturb pets, children or elders. Works against rats, mice, cockroaches.

Pestrol Impact Ultrasonic Repeller – Perfect for Open spaces upto 200 sq m

Ultrasonic technology repels rats/mice/cockroaches from the garage/attic/ceiling area.

Pestrol 360 pest repeller – Perfect for open spaces upto 400 sq m

Ultrasonic technology repels rats/mice/cockroaches from the garage/warehouse/ceiling area.

Commercial Rodent Repeller – Perfect for commercial larger spaces upto 800 sq m

Strong ultrasonic sound waves repel rodents out of your large open properties like warehouses, supermarkets etc.

Ultrasonic Battery Powered Rodent Repeller – Perfect for places with no plug

Disc shape unit which covers upto 185 sq m and repels the rats/mice from open spaces.

Vehicle Rodent Repeller – Perfect to repel rodents from your car/campervan

Ultrasonic device which gets attached to your car battery, starts working as soon as your car ignition turns off.

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Elite Solar Yard Repeller OR Indoor/Outdoor Yard Repeller – Perfect for rats outside house

Ultrasonic soundwaves affect rats and they get repelled from outdoor area.

Rat/Mice Traps – Catch the rodent and release them outside

If you want to humanely catch the rodent, these are the best options :

Black Rat Trap, Silver Rat Trap, Mice multi catch trap

Baits & Bait Stations – if you want to kill the rats with poison

Contrac Rodent Bloc 1.8kg & 28g/12 pack : Second generation poison, kills rat/mice within 2 hours.

Pindone Rat/Possum pellets 2kg : first grade anti coagulant, rats/mice have to overdose on it, they die in 6-7 days.

Bait Stations – BY LAW, Baits must only be used in Bait Stations.

Tomcat Mouse Bait Station, Tomcat LP bait station, Tomcat rodent station, pied piper rat bait station.

Kill rat instantly

Rat Assassin :

This unit electrocutes the rat when it steps on the base plate to take the bait, also has a light indicator on the unit.

Snap Rat Trap

Kill Mice instantly

Snap Mouse Trap & Hidden Kill Trap