Pestrol silverfish control products include automatic insecticide dispensers and their refills, insecticide sprays and screens, food tents and insect repelling clothing.

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Signs of a Silverfish Infestation:

If you see even some of the following signs then you may potentially be facing a silverfish infestation:

  • live silverfish or larvae- small, silver/grey cylindrical insects
  • silverfish droppings resembling small pepper corns or pellets
  • damage to your homes or possessions such as holes in walls, books, papers or cardboard storage boxes
  • yellow staining or dust
  • shed exoskeleton/skin

Silverfish are small wingless, silver coloured insects that consume sugar starches and other products in your pantry. They will damage items such as books, fabrics,, photos carpets, wallpaper and leather wear and they can contaminate surfaces as they move around. Silverfish are nocturnal and can survive up to a year without food and they do thrive in moist environments. It is interesting to note they are not related to fish! Check out the entire range of silverfish control products available at Pestrol and stop the problem today!