Greenstrike Mosquito Preventer 2.0


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Rather than trying to trap or zap the thousands of mosquitoes that are in your yard, the Mosquito Preventer features Zero-Hatch Technology that captures and destroys mosquito eggs and helps to lower mosquito populations.

Take back your backyard and STOP mosquito population growth, before it starts – by capturing and destroying mosquito eggs!

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The Greenstrike Mosquito Preventer is the updated and heavily tested mosquito reduction trap that every NZ home or business needs to reduce the mosquito population. Our patented Zero-Hatch Technology addressed the issue of eliminating future generations of mosquitoes by ensuring that the eggs laid by female mozzies do not survive to become the next generation of blood-sucking backyard annoying insects. This results in a significant reduction in mosquito populations in and around your home or commercial settings.

How it works:

GreenStrike’s non-toxic Mosquito Lures target the mosquito populations that can grow throughout the spring and summer months. The unique compounds of the Mosquito Lures replicate the proteins and nutrients that are found in still water lying around your property – the ideal breeding spot for female mosquitoes!

From there the eggs and larvae are automatically eliminated before they turn into adult mosquitoes. The Preventer Trap also recycles the water, which in addition to the attractant, will have naturally produced mosquito pheromones that further increase the attractiveness of the breeding location within the Greenstrike Mosquito Trap.

When to use:

The summer months towards the end of the mosquito season are ideal as many mosquitoes don’t move more than 100 metres from where they were born. However, this trap can be used successfully throughout the mosquito season to reduce the population.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Automatic Mosquito Preventer (Black Mosquito Trap)
  • 1 x Rain Guard
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Refill Kit: Includes 2 x landing strips / 1 x Attractor

Optional Consumables

  • Mosquito Lure attracts mosquitoes to lay their eggs in the artificial pond (Preventer Trap)
    • Replace every 30 days in your Mosquito Preventer to increase capture rates.
  • Landing Strips give an ideal spot for mosquitoes to lay their eggs.
  • The filter separates eggs from water, killing “future” mosquito generations.

Mimicking foliage found on a pond, the Landing Strips give a great spot for the female mosquito to lay their eggs on. Some mosquitoes will also prefer to lay their eggs directly in the water.




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