We provide an effective range of products to control moths. Moths can cause major problems to fruit trees as well as pantry items and even your clothes. We have products to control the Guava moth, Codling moth, Pantry Moth & Clothes Moth.

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Showing all 29 results

Pestrol Moth Control products

Moths may be seemingly harmless, but their presence can lead to frustrating infestations and potential damage to your belongings. Our Moth Control range offers a variety of products that cater to different moth species and infestation levels, empowering you to take control of your environment and protect your valuables.

Explore our selection of moth traps, repellents, and sprays, all formulated to target moths at various stages of their life cycle. Whether you’re dealing with clothing moths that damage fabrics or pantry moths that threaten your food supplies, our products provide effective and targeted solutions to eliminate moths and prevent their return.

Our Moth Control products are sourced from reputable manufacturers and formulated with the latest advancements in pest management. With user-friendly application methods and long-lasting results, you can trust our solutions to effectively disrupt moth populations, eliminate eggs and larvae, and create a protective barrier around your living spaces.