Pestrol’s range of products for controlling wasps include automatic pesticide dispensers and their refill cans, insect repellent clothing, bug zappers and insect screens as well as bug sprays and wasp traps.

How to choose the right wasp product?

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Showing all 10 results

Need help choosing right product for your wasp problem?

If you know where the nest is

WaspJet Pro

Use outdoors for control of wasp nests.

The high output nozzle ensures that nests can be treated from a safe distance and quickly soak the nest.

NoPests Insect Dust

An insecticide used to control wasps, ants, cockroaches, fleas and other crawling insects. Great for crevices, cracks, and cavities, behind fridges & dishwashers and in particular around warmer, darker areas.

If you don’t know where the nest is

Wasp Lure

Non-toxic liquid bait which contains pheromones that wasps just can’t resist! The lure, while it works on wasps, is beneficial to other insects by acting as a repellent.

Note: Does not work on the Paper Wasps & doesn’t affect the bees.

Best used in Wasp Dome or disposable wasp bag.

To protect the area from any insects coming in

Pestrol Insect Screens

Fly Screens ( Insect Screens) not only keep flies and other insects out of your home but may also help improve the indoor air quality.

Only available in size: 30m x 120cm x 1mm