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Pestrol has a comprehensive collection of pest control products, designed to address a wide range of pest-related challenges in your home, garden, or business

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Showing 1–30 of 326 results

Showing 1–30 of 326 results

We understand the importance of creating a safe and pest-free environment, which is why we offer a diverse selection of effective solutions to help you combat various pests. From insects and rodents to birds and reptiles, our range of pest control products is designed to provide relief and ensure peace of mind.

You will find a wide array of pest control solutions, including:

  1. Insect Control: Our insect control products are designed to combat common household pests such as ants, cockroaches, fleas, bedbugs, mosquitoes, and more. We offer a range of insecticides, traps, repellents, and sprays that effectively eliminate and repel insects, allowing you to reclaim your living spaces.
  2. Rodent Control: Our rodent control products help you tackle mouse and rat infestations. We offer a variety of traps, bait stations, and rodenticides that target these pests, providing effective control and prevention. With our rodent control solutions, you can safeguard your property from the damage and health risks associated with rodents.
  3. Bird Control: Our bird control products are designed to address issues caused by nuisance birds such as pigeons, seagulls, and sparrows. We offer bird spikes, bird nets, and ultrasonic deterrents that discourage birds from perching or nesting in unwanted areas, helping you protect your property and maintain cleanliness.
  4. Other Pest Control Solutions: In addition to the above, we also offer a range of other pest control solutions. These include products to combat moths, flies, possums, fleas, and more. Our collection encompasses traps, repellents and accessories specifically tailored to address these pest challenges.