Unleash the Fury on Flies!

Menace in the Air: Are pesky flies invading your territory? On the hunt for fly control products that deliver a knockout punch? Brace yourself for the shocking truth about these winged invaders!

Health Hazard Warning: Flies aren’t just annoying; they’re a menacing threat to your well-being. Their unsettling and indiscriminate dining habits turn them into harbingers of doom, spreading deadly germs to everything they touch – from surfaces to your precious food.

Relentless Tormentors: Imagine the constant buzz in your ears and the infuriating sensation of flies crawling on your skin. These relentless tormentors have no mercy!

Fight Back with Pestrol: It’s time to take a stand! Pestrol offers a mighty arsenal of fly control products and fly repellent solutions that’ll make flies regret ever crossing your path.

Don’t let these disease-spreading nuisances win – gear up for the ultimate battle against flies!

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Showing 1–30 of 48 results

Let’s Learn About Flies and How to Deal with Them!

Fly Signs and Fun Facts:

  • You’ll spot flies buzzing around.
  • Maggots are baby flies, and they look kinda gross.
  • If you see dark spots where they shouldn’t be, it might be fly poop!
  • Flies are like speedy builders – they make more of themselves very quickly.
  • A lady fly can lay up to 900 tiny eggs during her life.
  • Adult flies hang around for about 30 days.

Pestrol’s Fly-Fighting Gear:

  • Automatic insecticide dispensers (fancy gadgets that help keep flies away).
  • Dispenser refill cans (to keep the gadgets going).
  • Fly traps (tricky contraptions to catch those pesky flyers).
  • Fly repellers (they make flies say “nope” and go away).
  • Fly-repelling clothing (special clothes that flies don’t like).
  • Bug zappers (zap, zap, bye-bye flies!).
  • Insect screens (like a shield to keep flies out).
  • Food tents (cover your yummy food to keep flies off).
  • Sting gel and spray (just in case those little buzzers get you).

Time to tackle those flies with Pestrol’s super cool tools!