Handheld Steam Cleaner


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Lightweight and easy to use Chemical-free Powerful Steam Cleaner for sanitisation of surfaces to kill bacteria, viruses & problem insects such as bed bugs.

With the units steam reaching 135ºC,  bacteria & viruses are killed at temperatures above 65ºC and bed bugs above 50ºC.

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Chemical-free Powerful Steamer: 100% chemical FREE with no harmful fumes or residue. Powerful steam with a lockable steam trigger allows you to continuously sanitise surfaces to kill bacteria, viruses & bugs. The unit is lightweight and easy to operate.

Natural & Multi-Purpose Use: Deep cleans and sanitises without the use of chemicals & cleaning products. Our handheld steam cleaner unit is best suited for sealed surfaces including ceramic, vinyl, laminate, granite, marble & hardwood floors. Also great for sinks, stoves, countertops, refrigerators, kitchen, floor, living room, windows, toilet, tiles, shower curtains, bathroom, pet toilet, car Seats and rims, grill, BBQ, kids toy, mattresses, linen, duvet cover, fabric, and sofa cleaning.

Please NOTE: Surfaces such as paper or cardboard, delicate cloth, walls painted with water based paint should not be steam cleaned

Fast & Effective: 250ML water tank heats up in 3 minutes and provides up to 10 minutes of continuous steam. Cut through any grease, grout with our high-pressure steamer.

Portable & Free 10 Accessories: 10 versatile accessories including an attachable extension hose for hard-to-reach places. Durable 9-foot power cord assures easy portability.


Safety: The Handheld Steam Cleaner is designed to prevent the boiler from going completely dry. Higher sensitivity thermostat: 135 C high temperature steam is available. A safety valve has automatic pressure release function. If there is too much pressure in the tank the valve will automatically open and release the excess pressure. Do NOT use the Steam Cleaner on clothing while you are wearing it as steam will cause 2nd degree burns.

Durable: The Handheld Steam Cleaner is made from quality PP and PA with anti-corrosion and high strength.

Bed Bug treatment re what temperature to kill Bed Bugs immediately = 50° C.

Bed bugs and eggs die within 90 minutes at 48°C or immediately at 50°C.

Bacteria & Viruses will die at 65°C (149°F) & above

With heat, water turns to steam at a temperature of 100 °C  at standard elevation.

Parts included:

  1. Body
  2. Short spray nozzle
  3. Safety cap
  4. Steam button
  5. Handle
  6. Power cord and plug
  7. Power indicator
  8. Funnel
  9. Measuring cap
  10. Spray cup with round brush
  11. Bent spray nozzle – to get into all those hard places where bed bugs like to hide
  12. Long spray nozzle
  13. Extended connecting spray nozzle
  14. General spray nozzle
  15. Spray nozzle for door / window
  16. Towel sleeve



Please note – due to short supply of boxes the Handheld Steam Cleaner may be supplied in the Bedbug Steam Cleaner boxes.

Sorry for any inconvenience


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