Lonely Track Beanie – One Size


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  • 1 Size Fits All
  • 270gsm Anti-Pill Fleece


1 Size Fits All – Adult

From Lonely Track comes this awesome Warm (270gsm) Fleece Beanie
Classic design with three colours available – Black, Camo & Olive.

Of the four basic elements Fire, Water, Earth and Air, the Lonely Track brand represents WATER and EARTH to honour New Zealand’s rich lands and seas that provide for our people.

Designed by New Zealanders, Lonely Track clothing provides hardwearing, uncomplicated gear that looks after you while you are doing what needs to be done.

Anti-Pill Hard wearing durable warm fleece 270gsm
GSM (Grams Per Square Meter, is the metric measurement of the weight of a fabric)
Higher the GSM number the denser the fabric will be, – Warmer!


  • Adults Size
  • 1 Size Fits All
  • 270gsm Anti-Pill Fleece

* 270gsm FLEECE

Anti-Pill Micro Fleece, outdoor performance. The Fleece fibres create multiple air cells that trap warmth inside and gives you excellent protection against the most extreme conditions and does not retain moisture but allows it to evaporate and the fabric remains dry.



The range is the brain child of ‘Naki girl’ Linda Cameron, who was previously co-owner of the clothing brand Ridgeline for over 19 years.
Starting as the ‘lackey’, progressing to earning her place as Senior Brand Manager.
“I was born and bred on a Dairy farm in South Taranaki and my tough upbringing led to a solid understanding of the importance for good quality, warm, durable clothing.
I’m excited to start out again and launch our new clothing brand with my family and best buddy – we all live and breathe kiwi outdoors from hunting, fishing, farming, motocross and equestrian, so what we design we wear!”

Designed by New Zealanders, Lonely Track Clothing provides Hardwearing, Uncomplicated gear that not only looks good but protects you while you are doing what needs to be done!



Lonely Track

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