NoPest Guava Moth Pheromone Refill Kit


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Refill kit for use with Guava Moth Pheromone Trap

Contains 2 monitoring lures and 2 sticky glue inserts.

Use your second lure and sticky glue insert to complete the season. Traps are made of strong, rigid, corrugated plastic so they can be removed at harvest for use next season with a NoPests® Guava Moth Pheromone Refill Kit.

Guava Moth infests fruit all year round. Its hosts include guava and feijoa in autumn, citrus (lemon, mandarin, orange, grapefruit) throughout winter/spring, loquats and apples in spring, plums, peaches and nashi pears in summer, and macadamia nuts in summer through early winter.

This refill kit contains 2 sticky glue inserts and 2 monitoring lures. The pheromone attractant is a synthetic replica of the scent produced by the female moth. This lures the male moth to the sticky trap from which they cannot escape to breed.