Pestrol Black Diamond Bird Netting 5m x 5m 30GSM


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BIRD NETTING BLACK DIAMOND 5M X 5M – 30GSM – Protect Your Spaces

The Problem:

Every year, countless homeowners and gardeners encounter the challenge of protecting their outdoor spaces from unwanted bird intrusions. Birds can mar the beauty of any garden, orchard, or backyard by pecking at fruits, damaging plants etc. Moreover, they carry bacteria and parasites that can be harmful.

The ongoing battle with birds often leads to frustration and significant losses in both the beauty and yield of your outdoor areas, so controlling your bird problem with bird netting is the answer.

The Solution

Black Diamond Bird Netting Black Diamond Bird Netting 5M X 5M – 30GSM provides the ultimate solution for keeping unwanted birds away from your cherished spaces without causing them harm. We designed our bird netting for durability and effectiveness, offering an unobtrusive yet highly effective physical barrier. The netting, made from 30GSM high-density polyethylene, is lightweight, robust, and resistant to UV rays and weather, making it ideal for year-round use.

We meticulously designed the netting’s mesh size to prevent birds from getting through without trapping or harming them. You can easily install this netting, draping or attaching it over any area quickly and securely to keep your spaces bird-free and beautiful.

Type of Use:

Protect More Than Just Your Garden

BLACK DIAMOND Bird Netting excels not only in safeguarding your fruit trees and vegetable gardens but also offers versatility for various other uses including:

  • Fruit Trees: Wrap it around apple, cherry, peach, and other fruit trees to protect them from birds and even squirrels.
  • Berry Bushes and Vegetable Gardens: Keep strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes, and peppers free from pecking.
  • Vineyards: It’s essential for protecting grapes during the crucial ripening period.
  • Ponds and Pools: Deter birds from fish ponds and swimming pools, preventing droppings and the spread of algae.
  • Buildings and Balconies: In urban settings, use it to keep pigeons and other birds from roosting on ledges and balconies.

Whether you are a home gardener, a commercial horticulturist, or simply aiming to maintain the cleanliness and aesthetic of your property, BLACK DIAMOND Bird Netting offers a practical and humane solution to your bird problems. Invest in your peace of mind and protect your outdoor investments with a solution built to last. Say goodbye to bird troubles with BLACK DIAMOND Bird Netting today!



      • All Bird Species
      • Material: UV stabilised knotless Polyethylene net
      • Design: 3 Monofilament of Polyethylene UV treated.
      • Mesh Size: 17mm x 17mm
      • Yarn Thickness: 16um
      • GSM (Grams per Sq Metre): 30
      • Overall Bundle Size: 5m x 5m
      • Breaking strength per strand 13N
      • UV resistance: 10 years.</li>

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  1. Thanks also to Jenny, for friendly assistance and a quick helpful reply to my queries.

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  2. Keeps birds out but allows bees in.

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