Pestrol Executioner Bug Zapper – XXL



The big bertha of Insect Zapping technology.

Robust and weatherproof

Height 555mm x 232mm x 232mm

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Executioner Bug Zapper is the big bertha, the largest outdoor Bug Zapper for NZ conditions. This Insect Zapping machine is the latest technology in Australia & NZ to combat the annoyance of insects whilst we try to enjoy our outdoor areas.

We have managed to reduce the wattage down from 50W to 36W which makes it cheaper to run than our previous model, however, the globe technology has a greater attraction rate. This Bug Zapper provides heavy-duty protection for large backyards. This Bug Zapper is for larger outdoor areas and will assist in reducing any flying insects such as Mozzies, midgies and moths.

The Executioner Bug Zapper includes a 36W UV lamp that is mounted within a stylish and robust weatherproof casing. Like the other smaller insect zappers we sell, we recommend that placing the unit above 2 metres to gain optimum results. Ensure that the unit is placed away from other competing light sources or human activity. The vertical grids mean the dead bugs drop directly from the unit, minimising cleaning like other units on the market that use the older style horizontal grids.

Insects simply get electrocuted whey they touch the inner protected high voltage grid (Industry-leading innovative high voltage grid for durable use to ensure increased killing rat). The insects then drop into a removable dry storage chamber. Great to add to the garden for extra nutrients.


  • Indoor and Outdoor use
  • Chemical Free
  • 300m2 Coverage
  • Easy Tube Replacement
  • IPX4 Waterproof rating for outdoor use.
  • ASB Fireproof Plastic Construction
  • UV-A Lamp technology for superior attraction.
  • Optional hanging or free-standing.
  • Great for larger homes or commercial use.
  • Detachable collection tray for easy cleaning.

This big daddy of insect zapper excels at killing insects due to its transformer that is built into the unit. This has the advantage of providing a more sustained burst to kill even larger pests. Other products on the makers rely on circuit boards that are less effective and use more electricity.

The UV lamp has been designed to produce a peak light output at a wavelength of 365nm in the UV-A band.  Mosquitoes and other light-attracted pests are naturally attracted to this wavelength. Attracted pests include mosquitoes, moths & midges – pests that are most active from dusk till dawn.

Looking for a commercial grade Mosquito Trap without the zapping; consider our Outdoor Dominator


Height 555mm x 232mm x 232mm


  • Meets Australian & New Zealand Electrical Safety Standards
  • Designed and manufactured for Australian conditions
  • Power 36W
  • The high voltage of the inner grid: 4000V

Weight 3 kg


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