Pestrol Rotating Head Owl Bird Scarer
Pestrol Revolving Owl Bird Scarer
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Pestrol Revolving Owl Bird Scarer

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Non electric, environment friendly solution to repel birds. 

Owl Bird Scarer simulates the predatory nature of owls and scares away all other smaller birds (Not Pigeons). Hand painted for maximum realism and made of durable plastic. Covers a 20m radius around the unit.

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Why choose a Pestrol Rotating Owl Bird Scarer?

  • The head of the owl rotates with a slight breeze.  There is a plastic flap to fit into the back of the head so the breeze will help the head rotate.
  • Made of durable plastic, has realistic reflective eyes which shine brightly.
  • Hand painted so it will appear realistic to birds.
  • An ornament addition to your garden
  • Very easy to set up. Simply put on a stake or fill with sand to weigh down the owl.
  • Best used in gardens, decks, roofs, hung on trees, sheds, barns, patios and orchards.
  • It will help scare away birds around the unit.
  • If the head is stiff loosen the screw holding the head on or spray the connection with silicon.
  • The Owl will help to repel birds : minors, sparrows, swallows, blackbirds, starlings and many more.
  • The Owl can be held by supplied screws or even better us sand to weigh the unit down.
  • It is suggested to use two or more Owls to get greater coverage.

Owls can be used in conjunction with other Pestrol ultrasonic repellers to enhance the coverage.



Size: 40 x 18 x 18cm

Weight: 334g

Specifications :

  • Size : 40 x 18 x 18 cm
  • Weight: 334 g
  • Rotating head, reflective eyes.
  • Made of durable plastic. Hand painted to give realistic look.
  • There is a plastic flap that fits into the back of the Owls’ head to catch the wind or breeze
  • There is a screw that can be loosened inside the head if you require more movement.


Where is the best place to position the Owl Decoy Repeller?

The  Owl Bird Repellers can be placed just about anywhere! This includes, but is not limited to, decks, roofs, gardens, hung from trees, hung from roofs, sheds, barns, patios, veranda’s, veggie gardens, orchards and many more.

What is the Pestrol Owl Bird Scarer made of and what are the measurements?

The  Owl Bird deterrent is made of durable plastic. It is coloured very lifelike and has realistic reflective eyes. The  Owl Bird Scarer is approximately 400mm high and 200mm wide.

What Birds with the Pestrol Owl Bird Scarer frighten and deter?

There are many birds the Owl Bird Scarer will scare. This includes, but is not limited to, minors, sparrows, swallows, blackbirds, pigeons, starlings and many more.

Can the Plastic Owl be fixed onto a surface?

Yes, if you do not wish to hang the Owl Bird Repeller with the string provided, or weigh it down with sand, the Owl Bird Scarer can be fixed with a strong adhesive.

What range will the Pestrol Owl Bird Scarer scare birds from?

The plastic Owl Bird Scarer will scare birds up to a 20m radius around the unit.

30 reviews for Pestrol Revolving Owl Bird Scarer

  1. Pauline R. (verified owner)

    Efficient Service and product seems to be doing its job. Thank you

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very effective. No messy patio now.?

  3. Bradyn (verified owner)

    This owl has been great. we were struggling to stop birds getting on the deck and pooping. I had used bird gells and high pitched sound devices, but they didn’t work that well. But, once we got this owl, and put it in a very visual place – the birds now stay away. absolutely recommend. I was also shocked how quick it was delivered. I purchased on a Saturday and was delivered Tuesday morning.

  4. Joyce (verified owner)

  5. Joyce (verified owner)

    Excellent service, speedy delivery. Owl is doing his job, birds really don’t like him!

  6. Ian (verified owner)

    My friend has an eatery which constantly had sparrows sneaking into the store when she would be busy in the back kitchen. Well after a few days of having the Owl on the front counter – No more sneaky sparrows!! Highly Recommend this Bird Scarer.

  7. john paul (verified owner)

    Very easy to deal with. Made inquiry at 0900 in the morning. On my doorstep 1030 next morning. 100%

  8. Simon B. (verified owner)

    Had birds dancing on tin roof above bedroom at 5am. Saw this, was skeptical at first but read reviews and ordered. Fast delivery. Has made a good difference so far. Get to sleep in now, yay!

  9. Michelle G. (verified owner)

    great for keeping the birds away

  10. Margaret (verified owner)

    Did not work. Birds flew past it into the garage and pooped on the floor

  11. Jo Anne M. (verified owner)

    I have recommended this product to others. Wonder ful product, really does work

  12. Ray Chilcott (verified owner)

  13. John Finlayson (verified owner)

    Prompt delivery. Let’s hope the birds don’t like it!

  14. Melanie Abernethy (verified owner)

    There is no easy way to secure this. It appears impossible to fill it with sand and the holes for placing a screw are too small. In the end i had to drive nails through it and redrill the holes- which is a shame.

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great asset to keep the birds away from out plants

  16. Barry s. (verified owner)

    Worked great birds are keeping away which is keeping the mother in law very happy.

  17. Shelley Devereux (verified owner)

  18. Sue R. (verified owner)

    Very life like owl. Sparrows unsure, but not freaked out totally. Fingers crossed miners get the message.

  19. Janet A. (verified owner)

    Works well on Swallows. Only the odd one sneaks through. No mess.

  20. Lee (verified owner)

  21. Garry Coley (verified owner)

    The sparrows don’t like them but that’s not the problem – it’s the seabed thrushes that get into the garden and toss the soil all over the paths looking for worms. Work in progress but my youngest grandson thinks they’re neat!
    But service from Pestrol was second to none. Delivered within two days of ordering and that was rural post too.

  22. Sonja Macfarlane (verified owner)

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    These owls are amazing, work really well

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great value for money. Was easy to screw onto a post in the garden and have no birds trying to nest in our roof since using the owl.

  25. Gaile (verified owner)

    The head does not move .

  26. Liz (verified owner)

  27. Tracy (verified owner)

    Very realistic, thank you 🙂

  28. Kathryn M. (verified owner)

    Impressed with the fast delivery. Owls seem to be working well. Fingers crossed that the birds don’t realise they are not real.

  29. Glenys Grace (verified owner)

  30. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Quite good, especially the size and similarity. Would be better if there’re places where I can tie strings to fix it better.

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