Pestrol Rotating Head Owl Bird Scarer


The Pestrol Owl Bird Scarer is the ideal solution to repel pest birds.


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The Pestrol Revolving Owl Bird Scarer is a quick and easy solution to scare birds from your home or property. Simply hang, or fill with sand to act as a weight inside the Owl and place virtually anywhere to scare pest birds! This is the ideal solution for both out doors as well as indoors to keep your home/area free of pest birds!


Where is the best place to position the Pestrol Revolving Owl Bird Scarer?

The Pestrol Owl Bird Scarer can be placed just about anywhere! This includes, but is not limited to, decks, roofs, gardens, hung from trees, hung from roofs, sheds, barns, patios, veranda’s, vege gardens, orchards and many more.

What is the Pestrol Owl Bird Scarer made of and what are the measurements?

The Pestrol Owl Bird Scarer is made of a durable plastic. It is coloured very life like, and has realistic reflective eyes. The Pestrol Owl Bird Scarer is approximatly 400mm high and 200mm wide.

What Birds with the Pestrol Owl Bird Scarer frighten and deter?

There are many birds the Pestrol Owl Bird Scarer with scare. This includes, but is not limted to, minors, sparrows, swallows, black birds, pigeons, starlings and many more.

Can the Pestrol Owl Bird Scarer be fixed onto a surface?

Yes, if you do not wish to hand the Pestrol Owl Bird Scarer with the string provided, or weigh it down with sand, the Pestrol Owl Bird Scarer can be fixed with a strong adhesive.

What range will the Pestrol Owl Bird Scarer scare birds from?

The Pestrol Owl Bird Scarer will scare birds up to a 20m radius around the unit.




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