Possums Apply Here

We had an elderly couple come into the store who told us about their adventures with possums. The wife used to be a milliner when she was younger and had quite the thriving business. Once she went into retirement, she stored some of her cocktail hats away in a set of drawers out in their garage to be forgotten until several months later.

The husband went into the garage one day to get some of the hats for an event, and found a possum have a snooze in the drawer. He hurried to get his wife, who returned with him and was astonished at the creature slumbering comfortably with her hats. They carefully opened up another drawer and there was a second possum, also asleep inside. When they pulled out the third drawer, yes, you guessed it, there was a third possum.

They both a good laugh and joked that it was an apartment for possums. I’m not sure if they ever got the hats out of the drawers.

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