Seasonal Pest Control – when to act

As we are nearing the midway point of Summer, the cooler months are just around the corner, it’s a good time to start assessing the pests you might be up against in the cooler months. Rats and mice are likely to become a problem as they seek shelter from the cold and easy access to food.

By being proactive and installing deterrents now rather than reacting when you have a problem, you will save yourself money and keep your home pest free.

Rats and mice

Rodents are notorious for crawling in to walls and ceiling spaces, bringing irritating scratching noises and disease with them. To prevent them gaining access, the first line of defense is to seal your house.

Mice are able to squeeze through tiny gaps, so take the time to thoroughly assess the outside of your home for potential mouse-invasion holes. Gap filler is your best friend here. For bigger holes, insert steel wool then fill.

Ultrasonic deterrent measures are the next level up to prevent rodents. If you are human like the rest of us, you may miss a few gaps, meaning a second layer of defense is a rather nice insurance policy to have. Plus, it doesn’t involve laying poison baits or spraying nasty chemicals.

Ultrasonic repellers operate by emitting shortwave, high-frequency sound waves that are inaudible to humans. This sound unsettles rodents and forces them away. Imagine a kid squealing at the top of their voice for hours on end and you get the idea why the rodents would rather live elsewhere.

Mould and Mildew

You’re right – mould and mildew are not pests, but they are unsightly and make us feel unclean so I am still going to include them because Autumn is when these two start to appear again.

As the temperature drops the ability of the air to hold moisture also decreases, meaning that moisture has to go somewhere. When this happens outside we call it rain, when it happens inside we call it condensation. Mold loves damp conditions both inside and outside.

Preventing mould and mildew can be tough, especially if you live in a place that gets lots of rain. Whether the problem area at your house is inside or outside, keeping the area dry is the single best thing you can do to prevent it growing.

If you do have a recurring problem area outside, you can reach for a cleaner that will also prevent regrowth. Pestrol Spray and Go XTRA is a brilliant product that will do just that with the added advantage of no-scrub spray on application.

All Pestrol products come with as much helpful advice as you need to solve all your pest related problems.

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