Water quality is an ongoing and growing issue in New Zealand

Nitrate pollution in Canterbury water is getting worse – study


The state of New Zealand’s water is back under the spotlight following the publication of new research on dairy farming.

It’s found there is not enough rain and river water in Canterbury to dilute nitrate pollution into acceptable drinking water standards.


Water quality is an ongoing and growing issue in New Zealand.

“We’re amongst the worst in the world in the way we treat our water,” the study’s author Dr Mike Joy said.

And particularly in Canterbury.

“Where three-quarters of the monitored groundwater sites are getting worse, significantly worse,” Dr Joy said.

Now, a study suggests every litre of milk produced in the region needs up to 11,000 litres of water to dilute the pollution from its production and that’s more than what is available.

“It’s just been a hands-off approach to intensification of farming, there’s been no enforcement by regional councils, very weak standards set by central government,” Dr Joy said.

He said Environment Canterbury (ECan) has failed its region.


Water produced through steam distillation in combination with carbon filtration is some of the purest water available, as it effectively removed in excess of 99.8% of most tap water impurities.

Distilling is the most effective fresh water purification technology that is around today.



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