Winter Fly Pest Control

It is no secret that flies are a major nuisance and transmit disease that can be harmful or deadly to humans. If you have a fly problem, you will need to find effective fly pest control methods to deal with them. Flies pick up disease from sewage, dead animals, garbage and excrement and transmit those disease to us through their vomit and faeces being deposited on food preparation surfaces, food, sanitary items or things that people come in contact with.

Flies lay their eggs in materials that are warm and moist and can supply a food source for their larvae (maggots). Larvae appear between four and seven days after eggs are laid. During the warm weather a fly can have between two and three generations per month with an adult fly living an average of twenty days. Fly populations build over the summer and prepare to overwinter by using pupal casings to keep them alive through the winter. Many flies secret a protein that is similar to antifreeze which protects them from the cold weather.

Cluster flies invade homes over the winter because they are looking for a place to spend the winter, including the spaces in your walls, your attic or basement. These insects generally are drawn to the warmth of your home and take up residence inside, safe from the elements outside. These flies are easily identified by the fact that they are larger than a house fly and have a checkered body pattern. The young flies have light brown or yellow body hair. The flies move slowly and may fly around the home but are a lot less frantic than regular house flies.

The cluster fly has overlapped wings while a house fly’s wings are separate. They gather at windows and in attics in cluster (this is the reason for the name). It is important to find all of these flies and their hiding spots and eradicate them once they are found. While these flies normally live outdoors, they can invade a home when they are looking for a suitable place to spend the winter. These types of flies are not known disease transmitters, but they tend to leave excrement dots around the home and can become a significant nuisance in large numbers. Once flies enter a home and start to get into the walls it is necessary to use fly pest control and get rid of them right away. Large numbers of dead flies can be a major attractant for secondary pests like rodents and beetles.

Flies are quite sluggish in the winter so it is easy to kill them and clean up the bodies with a vacuum. Through the process of eradication and clean up, it is possible to stay on top of the fly problem and eventually eliminate it.

If you see flies in your home in the winter, it is important to use fly pest control and get rid of them right away.

Failure to do so may lead to a serious infestation of flies.

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