Big Snappy Bug Catcher



Looking for a humane and safe way to remove unwanted bugs from inside, look no further than our new Big Snappy Bug Catcher.

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Remove Insects from your house:
Catch live insects and spiders to release them into nature
No-touch required – hygienic removal of insects and spiders
The telescopic handle allows a safer distance from the target and magnifying glass to inspect the catch before releasing outside.
By the way, insects are fascinating creatures, but often from a distance. Just in case, if you are called upon to be the emergency extraction person, but secretly have fear yourself, this product is exactly what you need to keep everyone calm.

How it works
It can catch a number of different species of insects including spiders, beetles, hornets, moths, small geckos, mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies, bees and bumblebees. You can catch them by carefully placing the hood over the insect and closing the bottom of the hood by using the slider placed at the handle of the gadget. The telescopic handle allows you to reach insects sitting high up on the walls by extending the device to a length of up to 51 cm.

Pestrol has been selling humane DIY pest control products for over 20 years.


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