Tomcat Rodent Bait Station


The Tomcat Rodent Bait Station is a high-quality rodent control unit that holds rodent baits and/or traps securely inside.

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Product Description

This rodent station comes with vertical bait rods that hold 28g Block baits. If you do not want to use poison, the bait station also holds Tomcat Mouse and Rat Traps. This unit is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Made of an extremely durable material, the Tomcat Rodent Bait Station is of a higher quality than other similarly priced stations. For your benefit, the station’s lid opens to the side, like a book, and its interior corners are rounded to make cleaning the station easy.

How to use

Open the door, place baits on wire rods, place where you have noticed rodent activity.

TIP: Rodents tend to follow the same paths (eg. along skirting boards of walls) place the bait stations in these areas for the best effect.


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