ECOBIRD 4.0 | 5 Litre


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EcoBird 4.0 produced by Roth Chemical, stands as an oil-based bird repellent harnessing Methyl Anthranilate (MA), which serves as the active ingredient in the unseen haze dispersed by our Diffuser units.

  • MA, a grape concentrate approved by the USFDA, enhances food flavors but is emitted at minimal levels by our Diffusers and Hazers.
  • While grape-flavoured drinks can contain up to 200 parts-per-million of MA, our units release a mere 5 parts-per-million.
  • Recognised by the EPA, MA serves as a common bird deterrent in agriculture, exempted from tolerance requirements for its effectiveness.

It is environment-friendly and safe for people, pets, plants and birds when used properly together with Flock Free Hazers.

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EcoBird 4.0 is an oil-based Methyl Anthranilate (MA) bird repellent used in Diffusers and Hazers. MA is the active ingredient in the invisible haze emitted by our Diffuser units.

MA is a United States Food and Drug Administration (“USFDA”) registered grape concentrate commonly used as a flavour additive in food products. The amount of MA emitted by Diffusers and Hazers is a fraction of that contained in common household foods. For example, a grape flavoured drinks contains up to 200 parts-per-million of MA. The haze emitted by Diffusers and Hazers contains only 5 parts-per-million. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) exempted MA from the requirement of a tolerance, and it is now a common bird deterrent in agriculture.

How It Works:

MA may have a pleasant grape aroma to humans, but for birds, it’s a different story. When birds inhale MA nano-particles, it irritates their taste and smell receptors, prompting them to vacate the area. Despite being harmless, MA elicits enough of an unpleasant reaction to deter birds effectively, requiring only a small amount to provoke a response. On average, just two ounces of MA solution per day can keep birds away from approximately two acres of property, depending on disbursement frequency and duration.

Birds breathe up to 30 times faster when in flight, making it the optimal time to expose them to MA. This is particularly effective when they’re entering or leaving a property. Rooftops are ideal spots for Flock Free Hazers since birds must fly through the haze to access the property. As birds fly through and inhale the MA haze, they experience immediate disorientation. Since the haze is virtually invisible, birds struggle to understand why they had an adverse reaction, often leading them to continue scouting the area to test if the site still poses a threat.

In summary, MA’s bird-deterrent properties are subtle yet effective. By targeting birds’ senses, it prompts them to leave an area without causing harm. Utilising MA during birds’ flight times, particularly around property entry points, ensures maximum effectiveness, making it an environmentally friendly and efficient solution for bird control.

EcoBird Repellent 4.0 contains 40% MA and is ready to use without any mixing or dilution. 40% MA is the highest concentration on the market.