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The absolute hero in NZ ant control.

Destroy the Ant Nest with Exterm-an-ant ant killer.

An odourless, liquid ant killer containing natural attractants and toxins. The poison is picked up along with dead ants and carried back to the nest to destroy the colony.

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Active Ingredient: Boric Acid

Extermanant (Exterm-an-ant) is an odourless, liquid ant  killer containing natural attractants and toxins. The poison is picked up along with dead ants and carried back to the nest to destroy the colony.
Exterm-an-ant is a carbohydrate ant bait, particularly good for sugar eating ants.

How to use:

Shake thoroughly, then pour 4-5 mL into a shallow dish (such as a bottle cap) or Ant Cafe and leave near ant trail- around the exterior of the building or in areas where infestation is high to draw invading ants out. Lay several baits to control heavy infestation. Let the ants consume as much bait as they require. Do not disturb the ants or use repellent sprays in areas where the bait is situated. Repeat until no further ants are seen.

For best results remove other potential ant food sources, and don’t use fly spray or barrier sprays when baiting, as these could weaken and prevent the ants from making it back to the nest with their ‘payload’ of ant killer.

The key to complete eradication is to keep applying Exterm-An-Ant until there are no more ants. We recommend checking & rebaiting for 4-6 weeks as eggs in the nest won’t be affected by the bait and could re-infest areas as they hatch.

How Long Does It Take To Kill Ants?

Ants will take the bait back to the nest and ants usually die within 24-48 hours.

Why Do I Need To Shake It?

Exterm-An-Ant contains natural attractants and toxins, these are carefully homogenized during manufacture. Depending on your storage conditions the components can appear to be graduated in the bottle, this is normal and why we recommend thoroughly shaking before use.

Does It Work on Argentinian or Darwin Ants?

There are around 40 confirmed species of ants in NZ (and around 10,000 in the world), the majority of those in NZ are introduced species (source: Landcare Research / Ward 2005).

Customer Testimonials and independent research (references on file) suggest that Exterm-An-Ant is effective against most ants in NZ.

This product maybe harmful if swallowed and can result in nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. Keep out of reach of children and do not place where pets can eat it.

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Active Ingredient: Boric Acid

106 reviews for Exterm-an-ant 100ml

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  1. Amazing product. So much better than the stuff you get from the supermarket and trade stores. Takes a bit of perseverance and resisting the urge to clean up the dead ants but once they are gone they are gone. The ants seem to smell this stuff and come running in their thousands.

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  2. Very affective and excellent product for eradicating ants 🐜 nest

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  3. This is a very effective product. However, I did notice it was available at a local supermarket at a lesser price after ordering it.

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  4. Dealt with the ants in very short time. Good product and prompt delivery.

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  5. Small ants love it. Big ants not so much. Killed the nest in my wall which had been there for years. Took 4 days to kill the nest. Outdoors apply early morning before the sun so it does not dry up too quick.

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Tasmex is best known for manufacturing New Zealand's most effective ant killer. Exterm-An-Ant contains natural attractants and toxins which along with dead ants is picked up and carried back to their nest to destroy the ant colony.