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Iceberg Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) is the most widely grown lettuce with tightly packed, crisp and very crunchy hearts, sweet and refreshing leaves, perfect for a retro summer salad, hamburgers, and lettuce cups.

How To Grow:

Sow seed 3mm deep into well prepared soil.
Water regularly and apply liquid fertiliser every two weeks to promote quick growth.
Seedlings emerge 7-10 days.
Prefers cooler growing conditions as heat can cause the plant to bolt.
When To Plant: Spring, and Autumn. Sow indoors from mid Winter or directly in the garden after danger of frost has passed, and again after Summer heat has eased.

Harvest: 10-12 weeks

Quantity: 750 seeds


Perfect addition to green and mixed salads.

Delicious crisp lettuce
Compact round heads


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