Pestrol Heavy Duty Possum Trap



This is a heavy duty, industrial strength Possum Trap.  It is designed and built to be used time and time again.

This trap can also be used for catching Cats, Foxes and other medium sized animals.

760mm x 330mm x 330mm

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The Possum Magnet is a Heavy Duty Possum Trap medium sized, collapsible, live-capture trap used for removing and relocating possums and other animals from domestic and commercial roof spaces.

In residential environments pest possums such as the common brushtail possum regularly inhabit domestic roof voids causing physical damage, excessive noise , smell and contamination with urine and droppings.

Consult your local State legislation when dealing with native, protected species such as possums.


Size: 98 x 36 x 27cm

Weight: 7.98kg


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