Pestrol Outdoor Mozzie Barrier


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Finally enjoy outdoor areas without mosquitoes

  1. Portable – Battery Operated – Flexible Placement
  2. A diffuser that produces a protective barrier against mozzies.
  3. Instant barrier protection.
  4. Comes with Citronella Oil

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The NZ Outdoor Mozzie Barrier is our new favourite alternative to ensure your outdoor areas can be enjoyed instantly without the annoyance of NZ Mozzies. This product is portable which makes it ideal for when you are going on outdoor excursions or you just need to create a mozzie free protective shield around your outdoor areas. Using a choice of our premium quality essential oils, choose your favourite one (1 included with your purchase) and sit back and enjoy the outdoors without mosquitoes.

How it Works

Our cleverly designed rechargeable ultrasonic diffuser works through our uniquely designed technology where vibrations are created through the base plate that causes ultrasonic waves, this then creates ultrasonic microscopic particles which travel through the air.

The vibrations from the Outdoor Mosquito Barrier cause the essential oils to be mixed with water vapour and dispersed as a very fine mist that creates a natural barrier that disguises humans from being prey from mosquitoes that ordinarily would be waiting to attack.

This mosquito shield product will last 5-6 hours on battery or simply plug it into your power pack through the supplied micro USB cable.

A lot of the research has shown that most successful mosquito repellents are based on disguising the smell of humans so mosquitoes can’t zone in on us and have our blood as their next meal. Our gentle naturally smelling essential oil barrier, does just that. This product is best used in dawn or dusk when mozzies are at their most active. This product provided an instant shield and thus making it one of the fastest in our range for short term protection – or whilst you are using the product.

For larger outdoor areas you may require more units and be mindful that if weather conditions outside are windy, the effectiveness of the product will be greatly reduced. That being said, if it is windy, then there will be fewer mosquitoes. We always recommend placing the unit as close to where you are entertaining outside or if there is a slight breeze, place the unit upwind.

Our Outdoor Mozzie Barrier can be implemented with any of our range of Mosquito Traps that we have been supplying kiwis for over 20 years. Our outdoor traps are designed to break the breeding cycle and reduce the population at your property.



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