Pestrol Rodent Free Plug In (2 Pack)

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Pestrol Rodent Free Plug In (2 Pack)

NZ’s most effective Rat & Mouse deterrent

  • 3 Technologies: Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic and Ionic
  • It gets rid of rats and mice and also helps repel cockroaches
  • Chemical Free, Safe for kids and pets
  • Effective in covering walls, ceilings and open spaces

60 Day money back guarantee

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Introducing one of New Zealand’s most effective electronic rat deterrent and mouse repellent solutions. Our innovative plug-in device offers a chemical-free method to rapidly and efficiently eliminate rodent activity in your walls, ceiling, and open spaces. With this plug-in mice repellent, there’s no need to deal with rodents as you would with traditional traps.

After years of experience and collaboration with other suppliers in New Zealand, we have made adjustments and enhancements to our electronic product, ensuring ongoing improvements and effectiveness in rodent control.

Safe & Environmentally Friendly Rodent Repeller

Chemical Free, Odour Free & harmless to humans and pets.  The unit does not interfere with household appliances. Meets all NZ electrical standards and is 100% Safe!

Easy & Convenient To Use

The unit simply plugs into your power point and utilises the wiring within your building to act as a repelling barrier against Rodents. Pestrol Rodent Free Pro covers walls, ceilings, and open spaces.

100% Money Back Guarantee

1 Year Manufacturing Warranty.  60 Day money back guarantee.  In business for over 20 years.  We stand by our products!  We provide customer service that cares and when needed is willing to take the extra steps for you to succeed.

Created In NZ

As advertised on radio, TV, Google and Social NZ wide.  New design with improved technology designed by New Zealanders for New Zealanders.

Why choose the Pestrol Rodent Free Plug-in as your rodent deterrent?

  • No installation required, simple plug in device
  • Effectively covers walls, ceiling and open spaces
  • Uses Electromagnetic, ultrasonic and ionic technologies
  • Chemical free product, safe for kids and pets
  • Utilises the existing wiring within the walls of your home to send signals which irritate pests
  • Due to ionic technology, the unit emits negative ions which constantly purify the air you breathe.
  • No harm to pets like cats, dogs, birds or fish as they have different genetic structure to rodents
  • Also helps in the control of Cockroaches
  • 60 day money back guarantee

How many Rodent Free Rat & Mice Plugin Repellers do I need?

  • 1 unit is sufficient for 1-2 bedroom house.
  • 2 units are sufficient for a 2-3 bedroom house.
  • 3 units are sufficient for a 3-4 bedroom house.
  • Multi-level houses would require 1-2 units per floor.
  • 5 Units are sufficient for a 4-5 bedroom + garage
  • 10 Units are sufficient for 5+ bedroom, triple storey homes, large office blocks or small motels

Where to use the Pestrol Rodent Free Plugin:

  • Inside your house
  • Garage
  • Shed
  • Restaurant/Café
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals

Setting up the plugin rodent deterrent device:

There is a switch on the left side of Rodent Free device. When you plug in the device in mains, make sure the switch is all the way to the bottom so that all the three technologies are active in repelling the rodents.

How does it work?

Rodent Free Pro makes use of three technologies to repel the rodents : Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic, Ionic.

Electromagnetic Rodent Control and Deterrent

Electromagnetic Rodent Control works by using the wiring already in your home or building’s walls. It sends a shifting & pulsing signal through these wires that bothers pests like rodents and cockroaches, making it hard for them to eat, breed, build nests, or communicate. The device turns this signal on and off at certain times to prevent the pests from getting used to it. This makes your home a place pests want to avoid.

Our team at Pestrol constantly works to improve this technology, adjusting our product to ensure it is as effective as possible.

Here are some scientific studies that support the effectiveness of electromagnetic pest control:

  • A 2003 study by Professor Danthanarayana, a Zoology expert with over 42 years of experience, found that electromagnetic devices can negatively affect rodents’ food and water intake.
  • A 2002 study by Genesis laboratories in Colorado, USA, showed that an electronic repellent could make pests, especially female mice, eat less by avoiding the areas affected by the device. This suggests the pests can detect and try to escape from the signal.
  • In 1997, H. Shytel Glover conducted a test showing that electromagnetic devices not only repel cockroaches effectively but also continue to keep them away for about 30 days after the device is removed. The tests also demonstrated success in keeping rodents away from protected areas.

Ultrasonic Rodent Control

Ultrasonic pest control uses a high-pitched sound that is too high for humans to hear. The Pestrol Rodent Free device creates a confusing pulse that scares rodents away from your home or office. It changes the sound it emits so that pests can’t get used to it and ignore it. You need to plug the Pestrol Rodent Free into an electrical outlet about 8 inches off the ground. It works best in open areas like living rooms and hallways because the sound waves can’t go through walls or around corners.

Here’s what research says about ultrasonic pest control:

– Kansas State University found that ultrasonic devices can both repel pests and reduce their mating and reproduction.

– The University of British Columbia’s study by John P.J. Pinel discovered that a high-intensity ultrasonic sound can be as bothersome to rats as a painful electric shock, even at 96 decibels.

– Research by S.A. Shumake at the Denver Wildlife Research Center showed that where ultrasound devices were used, there was a noticeable decrease in food consumption by pests.

Ionic Technology

This device includes a tiny Ionic Generator known to help reduce odours and smells. However, it’s important to note that its effectiveness is limited to a small area around where it’s plugged in.

Money Back Guarantee

Pestrol offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for this product. We understand there are various factors beyond ours and the consumer’s control that might impact how well this device works. These factors could include:

Wiring – The type of plastic insulation around your home’s wiring might block the electromagnetic sound, reducing the device’s effectiveness. Luckily, this is a rare issue in NZ homes.

Ultrasonic Speaker – The ultrasonic speaker located at the front of the device can only affect the room it’s in, as its sound cannot pass through objects or turn corners.

Placement – If not enough units are used, rodents may simply move to areas where the device’s impact is weaker or non-existent.

We’ve been selling these units for over 10 years, helping thousands of Kiwi’s solve their rodent problems without chemicals. Please contact us, and we’ll help ensure you achieve a successful outcome.


  • Electromagnetic pulsing covers approx. 150m2
  • Size: Height: 13cm Width: 7.7cm Depth: 6.5cm (approx.)
  • Power: AC 240 V/50HZ
  • Power consumption: 8 Watts (Max.)
  • Ultrasonic Frequency: Various frequencies used.
  • Ultrasonic Wave: At varying generated intervals
  • Electromagnetic Pulse: At varying generated intervals

Frequently Asked Questions for the Rodent Free(13)

Q: Does the Pestrol Rodent Free use chemicals
A: The Rodent Free is completely chemical free & uses technology to repel rats & mice

Q: Does the Pestrol Rodent Free harm rodents?
A: The Rodent free is designed to annoy rodents to the point where they leave your home for good. This is done by utilising Electromagnetic & Ultrasonic technologies to repel rats and mice with harming them.

Q: How to stop rats chewing wires?
A: The Rodent Free is designed just for this issue. The Rodent free stops the Rats from gnawing at your wires with the electromagnetic pule activity it generates.

Q: How many units do I require for my home/office?
A: For maximum effectiveness, it is recommended to have 1 unit per electrical circuit that is present in your dwelling. Often multi-story homeowners purchase 1 unit per floor.

Q: How do I know if my Pestrol Rodent Free is working?
A: You may see increased activity as rodents and cockroaches are forced from their hiding places. Often it can take up to 3 weeks to remove rodents. Cockroaches may take longer as eggs can lay dormant for many months before they hatch. Pestrol Rodent Free has a full 100-day money-back guarantee, well and truly enough time to ensure you are happy with the results.

Q: What happens if the lights stop flashing on the Rodent Free unit?
A: The Pestrol Rodent Free alternates the technologies so the rodents and cockroaches do not become immune. Therefore the unit switches on / off for maximum effectiveness.

Q: Will the Pestrol Rodent Free affect my pets?
A: Pestrol Rodent Free has been used for many years by 10’s of thousands of satisfied customers in Australia and NZ. The unit does not affect dogs, cats, birds, or fish as they have a different genetic structure to rodents and cockroaches. The ultrasonic sounds can in some cases be heard by cats and dogs. Pestrol Rodent Free cleverly allows the user to shut off the ultrasonic component of the unit, whilst keeping the electromagnetic technology running.

Q: How long will the Pestrol Rodent Free last?
A: There are no moving parts in the electronic circuitry, we expect the unit to last up to approximately 10 years, and we also provide a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Q: I have Rodents in my roof and wall cavities, can I just plug in the Pestrol Rodent Free unit in the hallway?
A: Yes, providing you plug the Pestrol Rodent Free into any powerpoint, the electromagnetic technology will work through your electrical wiring that reaches into these cavities to repel Rodents from their hiding places.

Q: Has the Pestrol Rodent Free been electrically tested?
A: Yes, the unit has passed all electrical testing. The unit does not affect any electrical equipment or WIFI products.

Q: The Pestrol Rodent Free unit has worked really well, however, I just spotted a rat or mouse; does that mean my unit has stopped working?
A: No, remember the first time you purchased the unit it can take up to 7-10 days to remove rats and mice from your dwelling. Rats and mice are always on the move and if you get a new infestation it can again take 7-10 days to get rid of the new intruders.

Q: How much electricity does the Pestrol Rodent Free consume?
A: Pestrol Rodent Free costs the same as running an 8 watt light bulb, equating to cents per month to run.

Q: Our house is on two floors (each level is about 10 squares i.e 100 sqm per floor). How many Pestrol Rodent Free units do I need?
A: For that size area, we would recommend 2 Pestrol Rodent Free units, one on each floor.

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