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Protect your Solar Panel investment with the Pestrol Solar Panel Guard Kit

  • Protects solar panels from potential damage from rodents, birds, and debris.
  • PVC coated wire mesh installed around the perimeter of the solar panels
  • Will prevent damage to wiring
  • Can prevent corrosion to your roof by stopping animals from scratching or soiling your roof
  • Stops animals & rodents from using your panels as their homes.

The Solar Panel Guard Kit will protect your solar panels from potential damage from animals, birds, rodents and debris.  A PVC coated wire mesh installed around the perimeter of the solar panels will prevent damage to wiring, corrosion to your roof and stop animals including birds and rodents living under your solar panels.

Our Solar Panel Guard Kit securely protects your solar panels without damaging or voiding panel warranty.

Features a new smaller locking nut for a more discreet installation.

Solar Panel Guard Kit Contains:

  • 1 x 10m or 1 x 30m roll galvanised & UV PVC coated wire mesh – depending on the size you choose.
  • Width is 21cm
  • 35 x fasteners for the 10m roll or 100 x Fasteners for the 30m roll

If you have a problem with birds, rodents and debris such as leaves and twigs getting under your solar panels, then this product is for you. Exposed wiring underneath solar panels can be damaged through rodents chewing through them. Excessive debris or nesting material can restrict airflow around your panels greatly reducing the effectiveness.

The best solution for the above-stated problems is our Solar Panel Guard Kits or skirts.

Protect your solar panels from rodents and other pests

Solar Panel Guard Kits provide a low-cost solution for protecting your solar panel investment from rodents and other pests. Our Solar Panel Guard Kit is made from galvanised and UV PVC coated welded wire mesh and using aluminium fasteners designed to last in our harsh NZ climate.

Anyone can install our solar panel mesh kits, however, always take care if the roof is up high or on a dangerous angle.

Solar Panel Mesh Kit Installation Guide

Tools required: Gloves, metal snips and pliers.

  1. Place provided clips with every 30-40cm along the underneath of the solar panel frame and pull tight.
  2. Roll out the solar panel mesh and cut into manageable 2metre lengths for easier handling. Position the mesh in place, making sure the fastening rod points upwards so it keeps a downward pressure on the mesh to create a firm barrier to the roof. Allow the bottom to flare out and curve along the roof, this will ensure rodents and birds cannot access under the mesh.
  3. Attach the fastening washer and push firmly to the end to tightly secure the mesh.
  4. When joining the next section of mesh, overlay approximately 10cm and join the 2 pieces with cable ties to create a complete barrier.
  5. For outer corners; cut upwards from the bottom until the bend point. Cut a section of mesh to cover any gaps using cable ties to fix the corner piece in place.
  6. For inner corners: cut the mesh upwards from the bottom until the bend point, secure any overlay sections together using cable ties.




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10m, 30m


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