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Contains: 904g/L di-1-p-Menthene

RainGard® is a STICKER-SPREADER adjuvant designed to control the life of pesticides on the plant. it is compatible in the spray tank with insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and soluble fertilisers. Raingard is a water emulsifiable biodegradable product for use on food crops and other plants.

It offers protection from wash off due to rainfall and irrigation and from heat and UV light which are major factors in pesticide breakdown. RainGard offers protection under the toughest environmental conditions allowing you to achieve maximum benefit and performance from your spray applications.

Better spray deposition and less pesticide loss due to environmental factors
Completely natural product derived from pine resin
Compatible with all commercially used insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and foliar fertilisers
Dries in just one hour and provides wash-off protection from heavy rain and irrigation
Protects Biological Insecticides – ideal for IPM programs

All spray applications must be applied to full coverage, to a point of just before runoff. No additional wetter spreader is required. Apply during daylight, at least 1 hour before anticipated rain. Sunlight is required during this period for the protective film to set.

Raingard at 300-450ml/ha will withstand 25mm of rain over a 7–10 day period.


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