The BUGO Soft Floor 12 Pack


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The Bugo is a unique innovation in monitoring bed bugs in your bedroom and preventing bed bug bites.


Safe alternative to harsh chemicals


Lasts up to 8 weeks

Effective floor application

Visually discreet


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Bugo Bed Bug Traps – Soft Floor is the perfect product for you when you are trying to create a barrier against Bed Bugs. Recent studies have shown that there is a global increase in bed bugs mainly because of international travel and increased resistance to pesticides.
Bed bugs feed on human blood and keep hidden inside the mattress. They may enter your house through luggage or second-hand furniture. Even when you come back home from a hotel, cinema and office, you might unknowingly bring these strangers with you. They are undetectable and they reside around mattresses, bed frames, clothes, carpet, crevices and furniture. Their bites are painless. So, most people do not even realise that they have bed bugs until it is too late or they see redness on their skin and these itchy red spots do not go away.

The Bugo is a unique innovation in monitoring bed bugs in your bedroom and preventing bed bug bites. It is an easy-to-use and safe way that you can use to protect your family and pets against these nasty bed bugs. The Bugo can be placed in any location inside your house. Just stick Bugo on the floor around the bottom of the bed legs.

Soft floor application

Symptoms of bed bugs in your bedroom:
Itchy red spots on your skin
Bloodstains on your pillow covers, mattress and bedsheet
An odd musty odour from the bug’s scent glands



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