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Cat and Dog Control – The Options

Having a cat or dog problem can be frustrating, especially when you do not have any pets of your own. When these animals are wandering around your neighbourhood, it can be a full time challenge to try to discourage them from accessing your garden.

You may find that these animals can become a nuisance because the will dig in your gardens, use your yard as their bathroom and destroy certain elements of your property.

Do you need to find effective Cat Control?

Cats will dig in gardens and sandboxes and use them as their own personal toilet. Some people find that using a medium such as thick bark mulch on gardens will discourage cats from digging in them.

Sandboxes that are especially for children should have a lid placed over them to prevent cats from using them as a giant litter box. A fence around the inner yard can contain it and prevent cats from getting in, but it needs to be a resin style material or a chain link fence.

Fences that cats cannot scale are one option to keep cats away.

If you own a dog, they will naturally chase cats off, but not everyone has a dog.

Feral cats may be looking for a place to hide under a home or in a shed to have a litter of kittens. Once this occurs, you can be certain that those cats will return again and again to raise more litters of kittens.

Without some type of cat control device, you may find that there are plenty of cats in your garden that you do not want there. This is when you will need to find some type of effective cat control device to dissuade cats from entering into your property.

Are neighbourhood dogs becoming a nuisance?

Dogs will urinate on every plant in your garden in an attempt to mark out their territory. Dog urine can destroy expensive plants and cause damage to lawns. If dogs start to come to your home and make a habit of it, then soon they will regularly visit your yard to mark their territory.

Once this occurs, you will have to find some effective method of dog control. If the dogs belong to someone who lives in your neighbourhood, you can talk to your neighbours and have them keep their dogs in their own property. There are plenty of options for dog owners to use to keep their own dogs at home.

An invisible fence including a wire and battery operated collar is an effective system.

If the dogs are strays, you can contact the local animal authority to have them come to your home and take the dogs away.

Stray dogs can spread disease to other domestic dogs and this can be dangerous for dog owners. If you vaccinate your own pets, strays can be a source of frustration and annoyance.

What are the options for cat control and dog control?

Live traps are a good choice. These traps can be baited and then set for a stray animal that is looking for food. The animal will wander into the trap with the hopes of obtaining a food reward and instead will be trapped inside.

The trap will not harm the animal at all, but will hold it captive until you have the opportunity to take it to another location and set it free or to the local animal shelter.

Pestrol Animal Away is an ultrasonic device that emits a noise that is unbearable to cats and to dogs. When this device is set up in the yard it can be on constantly or it can have a sensor that sets the device off when an animal walks past it.

Most animals will hear the sound emitted and avoid your property altogether. When you are looking for safe and effective devices for cat control and dog control, this is one device that will take care of the issue of stray dogs and cats once and for all.

This type of device is available in a corded, electrical option, or a solar option that does not need any electricity to operate.

When neighbourhood pets become problematic, it is important to find ways for effective cat control and dog control that can keep these animals out of your yard. Pestrol provides safe and effective solutions.

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