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Summer means warmer temperatures and warmer temperatures mean more bugs. Bugs reproduce at a higher rate during summer making them a bit more difficult to manage. Insects make your home uncomfortable to live in. They may not cause any harm to you, but just having them around is enough to annoy you – maybe even embarrass you in front of a guest.

Controlling insects is quite a challenge and especially so because they are tiny and hide in spaces inaccessible to you. When they come out of hiding, they are capable of causing chaos in the home- spiders especially. Getting professional help for your pest problem may seem to be the only solution, but not really. Pest control can be done by you (the home owner) without having to hire the services of a professional. It is easy and practical considering that you can never get rid of all insect pests inside your home; they keep multiplying and coming back.

With the right kind of tools and equipment, it is very easy and consumes very little of your time and energy. It will also save you money. We could all do with an extra couple of dollars in the pocket especially at this time of year when the festive season is digging deep into your pockets.

During summer, several indoor insect pests increase in number. Some of these are:


These blood sucking monsters’ population more than quadruples during the summer due to the improved breeding conditions. If your house is not properly insulated (using screens) against them, you might not know peace for the rest of the summer.

In addition to biting (and spreading disease in some cases) mosquitoes make a lot of noise when they fly due to the narrow nature of their wings. If you are the kind of person who can’t get a wink of sleep without quiet, then you are in for a long summer.

Mosquitoes require water to breed as the larval stages are aquatic. Making sure that there is no still water inside or around your home can greatly reduce the population of mosquitoes. In the absence of water for breeding, mosquitoes fly away in search of a place to lay their eggs.

Mosquitoes also feed on sap from plants. Having overgrown vegetation around your house will create a home for them. The darkness created by the vegetation also provides a place for them to hide. Cut the grass around your house and clear all bushes.


They may come in a variety of species but one thing they have in common is the ability to survive tough conditions. A cockroach can survive for weeks without its head, that’s how tough these bugs are!

Cockroaches thrive in messes. If your house is full of clatter and food remnants, then there is no way you can escape infestation. The clutter provides a good place to hide and lay eggs while the food particles provide… well… food.

Cockroaches love small dark spaces with a lot of warmth. So if you need extra evidence of an infestation (in addition to the few seen crawling around during the day) check behind your refrigerator and stove.


These are very common insects during warm weather. By no chance can these insects be allowed to inhabit your home. This is because flies transport a lot of disease-causing microorganisms on their hair and vomit – yes, vomit: Houseflies vomit digestive materials on solid food to make it liquid before they can suck it in. Since houseflies feed indiscriminately, from dead decaying matter to sewers,and even wounds, they become exposed to a host of diseases which they then help spread.

Control is a bit simple for houseflies; just maintain high levels of hygiene and you will have gotten rid of this nasty pest.


Unless they sting, ants are mostly harmless. They will however get into your food and make it inedible – that is if you don’t eat ants. They mostly feed on dead decaying organic matter, but not strictly.
Ants are especially a problem if your house is at ground level. If you live on the upper floors of an apartment block, then ants might not be much of a problem.

How To Get Rid Of Indoor Pest Insects.

As mentioned earlier; it doesn’t take a professional to control indoor insect pests. All you need is one of (or a combination of) these devices to do so.

1. The Pestrol Mozzie Assassin Indoor Mosquito Trap – This trap emits light that attracts mosquitoes close to it. Once mosquitoes are close enough, a small noiseless fan sucks them into a storage chamber where they starve to death. This device also acts as a great nightlight. It’s as simple as plugging it into a power source. Read more

The Pestrol Mozzie Assassin Indoor Mosquito Trap

2. Pestrol Ultra Dispenser – This is a fully programmable pyretherin dispenser that emits an ultra-fine mist capable of killing all insects in range whether crawling or flying. The refill is made with 100% pyretherins making it safe to use around people and animals. This device is powered by 2AA batteries. Read more

Pestrol Ultra Dispenser

3. Pestrol Cockroach Pads – These great devices come in a pack of three. The cardboard house has a base made of sticky adhesive onto which cockroaches get stuck. Once the trap is full, just throw it away with your trash. The device produces no smell or mess. Just set it and go on about your business, it will do the rest.  One trap can go for 7-14 days depending on the level of infestation.  Read more

Pestrol Cockroach Pads

4. Pestrol Shooaway – This chemical free device uses holographic dots to irritate insects and keep them away from you. It is battery powered and portable so you can move it to the section of the house you want it to cover. Read more

Pestrol Shooaway

Managing indoor pest insects is easy when done with the correct equipment. It only takes a small investment to get rid of the unwanted insects from your home. Pestrol will help you achieve a pest free environment with products that are effective, eco-friendly and easy to use.

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