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How bad really is Chlorine?

After spending way too much of our income on achieving the perfect shiny locks and summer ready tan, the thought of washing away all that goodness with chlorine sounds more like a nightmare than just an ordinary shower. And between battling complexion-destroying air pollution and a dehydrating office air con, we just cannot be adding another hair and skin enemy to our list.

Although chlorine is great for blitzing bacteria and removing the disease-causing pathogens and protozoans that commonly grow in water supply reservoirs and on the walls of water amines or storage tanks, it strips our skin and hair of their natural oils and penetrates the hair fiber changing its structure leaving you looking dry and lackluster.

The way chlorine works is like ammonia. Hair cuticles open and close and when they open chlorine gets deeply into the hair core. Chlorine evaporates and makes the hair bulbs weak. The hair gets dry from the inside which may result in hair loss. Dyed hair or other chemically treated hair are the most vulnerable, the components of some hair dyes can interact with chlorine and, in consequence, make the hair turn green. The chances of having your hair discolored are the biggest if your hair is dyed blonde or highlighted. What is more, discolored hair smells unpleasant. Dark hair usually loses its shine and chlorine exposure can also cause split ends.

There really is no escaping the damages of chlorine unless you say goodbye to chlorine forever. The easiest way to do this is by installing a filter to completely remove all that nastiness and leave you with pure, odor free, clean water that your hair and skin will love you for.

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