Photo Autumn

Autumn is Almost Here!

Photo Autumn

We are heading into Autumn Kiwis and you know what that means, Autumn Pests are looking for new homes and sheds for warmth and food. But don’t be alarmed, we’re around to give you the best advice to stop them, keep them away or deal with an existing problem. Lets have a look at the best ways to deal with Autumn Season Pests. Welcome back to the Lifestyle Focus blog!

Identify the Seasonal culprits:
Depending on what you are dealing with there are a multitude of solutions for animals,
insects or birds. Each of these have their own methods of buggering up your land
both inside and outside and effects can be catastrophic to your property.
1.       Rodents – Passing from the warmth of Summer into the slow shift to a colder Autumn brings rodent pests such as rats
and mice closer to your homes. They search for warmth and food, something Kiwi
homes have plentiful of.
2.       Insects – Unfortunately, the warmth keeps around our good friends Mosquitos. Mosquitos tend to thrive with the
moisture Autumn typical brings along with the remaining heat. Slow dissipating summers can extend the traditional seasonal period of mosquito. 
3.       Birds – Our all-season specialist, pigeons and sparrows. These bad boys cause havoc both commercially and
residentially. Fortunate for you, we’ve got everything you need to stop them in
their tracks. 


How to Deal with them:
Pest & Insect control can be a hassle and its assumed that every time a problem arises you need to break the bank in order to get back on top. This is just not true, plenty of high quality products are avaliable at even better rates across the board. 
Another issue is handling Insect and Pest related problems with the environment in mind. Using insecticide-free products which are harmless to the environment is something we’re very passionate about at Lifestyle Focus. 


Photo Autumn
Photo Autumn
Understanding what pests to look out for, why they are popular during this upcoming season and how to handle them effectively, are how all Kiwis can ensure safety and security on their property. 
Seasonal change is upon us and with that come new obstacles in our way.
Life becomes a little easier when you overcome them, maybe eliminating the ones with tails who eat all your pantry food.. who really knows. 

Save our beautiful environment, protect your property and support Kiwi business.  
Here are some top picks of our range of products to keep you and yours out of harm’s way!
          Rodents: Pestrol Rodent Free Pro – Lifestyle Focus
Simply plug in any wall socket for immediate ultrasonic control. Highly effective against rodents.
          Insects: Pestrol Sleep Easy Indoor Mosquito Trap – Lifestyle Focus
High Quality design with a fine aesthetic, mosquito control has never looked so good.
          Insects: Pestrol Terminator Mosquito Killer and Trap – Lifestyle Focus
Highly effective against outdoor mosquitos and has an enormous range.
          Birds & Outdoor Pests: Pestrol 360° Outdoor Pest Repeller – Lifestyle Focus
The all-in-one. Your garden has never been this safe from pests before. 





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