Pest Control For Winter

Many pests will be looking for a safe haven over the winter season and many of them will seek refuge in your home because it is warm and provides them with a safe haven from the elements.

Mice like to nest in basements and attics and can cause a serious amount of damage to your home by chewing through drywall and electrical wires which can pose a fire hazard. Mice can also contaminate stored foods and spread salmonella and tapeworms. Seal up cracks and holes where you can find them and store boxes off of the floor. Inspect your home on a regular basis to search for signs of mice including damaged stored food, droppings and chewed packages.

Rats like to nest in basements and other areas where materials are largely undisturbed. They can gnaw through many different types of materials including pipes – both lead and plastic and even cement! They will do anything to get to a food source or to water. Rats can spread disease and if you know you have an infestation then you should do something about it. Inspect your home for rub marks which are caused by the oily fur of a rat. Rats can fit into very small openings (as small as a 2cm) so look for cracks or gaps and fill them in.

Pestrol has live rodent traps in a variety of useful sizes that can capture rodents so that you can get rid of them quickly. Once a trap is full, you can remove the occupants by taking them far away from your home and releasing them. Not many people enjoy killing rodents, so this is a great alternative. Animal Away is another useful product that can deter rodents from ever taking up residence in your home in the first place. This product emits a supersonic sound that rodents cannot stand to be near. They will stay away from your home and will not try to move into it.

Mosquitoes can lay eggs in standing water, and during the winter months those eggs can hatch and the larvae will take up residence in any type of standing water that they can find. If you do not remove all sources of standing water then you will find yourself being eaten alive during the summer. It is good practice to empty out any sources of standing water and clean up the area as best you can. If you find that there are mosquitoes bothering you in the summer, the Pestrol Mosquito trap is an extremely handy device that can eliminate mosquitoes and stop them from pestering you.

Bed bugs have been making somewhat of a huge insurgence in homes and hotels across the country. These small bugs are widely populous in the winter where they take up permanent residence in bed frames and mattress edges. It is important to carefully inspect your bed to see if you might have an infestation and, if you do, to take care of it right away. Pestrol Bed Bug Barrier is a proven product that can eliminate bed bugs and prevent them from spreading to other bedrooms in your home.

It is just as important during winter to deal with pests as it is during the hotter summer months. During winter, pests can hibernate, nest, reproduce and come back with a vengeance in the spring. Get the jump on the problem and take care of winter pests with Pestrol Pest Control Products.

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