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Tips to Prevent Pest Problems Around the Home

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Pest problems are often better dealt with by prevention so that infestations do not get out of control.

When weather becomes warmer, certain pests are attracted to our homes because we tend to have a lot of food out for barbecues and we tend to eat outdoors more often.

It is important to take all steps necessary to reduce pest infestations and keep pests from coming into our homes.

Tidy up and Keep Things Clean

When floors get dirty they tend to be more attractive to pests. A build-up of dirt and food on the floor can be extremely attractive to pests, so the floor should be cleaned with soap and hot water.

If anything is spilled on the floor it should be cleaned up right away so that there is no risk of it becoming a source of water and food that can attract new pests.

Remove rubbish from your home on a daily basis because it is also an attractant for pests.

Try to store fruit in the refrigerator. As fruit ripens it is more attractive to pests because it is sweeter and is starting to break down. Over ripe fruit can attract fruit flies, cockroaches, rats and mice.

Any food that is stored in a cupboard should be sealed with a tight lid.

Dishes should be washed every day. When dishes are left overnight in a sink this can be a food source for pests and will attract rodents and insects.

Once pests learn that food and water is available in your kitchen sink, they will return often to access this free resource.

Seal up any obvious access points. Roofs and eaves may have some gaps where wasps and other flying insects can get into your roof or attic to make a nest and colonize.

Use caulking to seal up cracks and small gaps and prevent rodents and flying insects from accessing your home.

Keep your house dry inside. If you have a roof leak or some other water that is getting into your home, it can provide a source of water that pests need for their survival.

Pests are always looking for easy and plentiful sources of food and water so if you provide it to them, they will stay.

Water damage can be expensive if left unnoticed for many years, so it is important to conduct regular inspections for moisture and take care of any leaks or water issues right away.

Caring for Pets

Dogs and cats should be treated for fleas and ticks and inspected regularly. Not only are these kinds of pests irritating to your pets, they can also cause irritation to humans when they get into the furniture and carpet.

Pets should be treated once a month for fleas and ticks and dewormed a few times per year.

Pests inside your home

Sometimes even the most careful people can end up with a pest issue. It is best to take care of any noticeable pest infestations as soon as they occur. Take a look at Pestrol’s wide range of helpful DIY pest solutions.

You are certain to find something that will work for any pest problems that you may be experiencing in your home.


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tips to prevenr problems around the home

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