Pests – What to Watch out for in Summer

With summer here, many of us will be spending more time outside and at home. Many bugs will start to hatch in the spring or wake up from a dormant state. As the weather becomes warmer, you will start to notice more bugs around your home.

Bugs are not really bothersome for the most part; however it is when bugs try to take up permanent residence in your home that you need to take action.


Yellowjackets or wasps will find any small space in your roofline or siding and move in, building a nest so that they can start to multiply. The moment you see a small wasp nest on the side of your home, remove it at night immediately before it has a chance to grow larger.

You should always deal with these types of insects at night when they are “dormant” to avoid injury.

Watch for wasps trying to re-build in the same location year after year. Once they find a spot that they prefer, they will return each year and try to develop a new nest in the same place.

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No one wants a house full of flies, but it always seems to happen in the summertime with everyone coming into the house and going outside constantly, the doors and windows are usually open and this can allow flies to get inside.

Pestrol Ultra can deal with the fly problem and eliminate it so that you don’t have to worry about those annoying bugs getting into your food and being a general nuisance.










Mice and Rats

These critters will move in if they can find a good or reliable food source. All it takes is an available rubbish bin or animal food that has spilled on the ground. Leftovers from a barbecue can be extremely attractive and inviting.

Once you have attracted these pests, it is extremely difficult to get rid of them and they will multiply like crazy while the weather is hot and you are supplying the food. As the weather starts to cool off, these rodents will be looking for a way to get into your home .

Pestrol Rodent free is an ultrasonic device that can be plugged in and emits a noise that drives rodents away.

The Pestrol Rodent Free will be a big deterrent to any rodents moving in to your home as long as you have these devices plugged in all summer long.

Pestrol Rodent Free









If you find that you do have an infestation after looking around and seeing definite infestation “signs”, then you should try Pestrol Rodent Live Traps These devices are one of the most humane ways to capture rodents because they can be released at another location far away from your home.








Birds like to make a nest in the spring and raise their young into the summertime when the weather is nice.

The problem with birds is that they can make a really big mess of your home, especially if they are nesting in the roof. When the young birds hatch, the parents will remove the shells and waste and drop these items from the nest onto the ground below or fly a short distance and dispose of it there.

When the birds are coming to the nest and leaving the nest they will poop on the side of your house, on your car, on your footpath and everywhere around the area, making a an unsightly mess.

You can discourage birds from nesting in your roofline by adding a Pestrol Bird Away device. These devices emit a noise that can’t be heard by human ears but this noise is enough to keep the birds away from your house.










Bird spikes are another option to keep birds off of your roof or buildings. These spikes are not dangerous, but prevent birds from sitting on the edge of a building and making a mess of the side of the building.

narrow bird spikes










It just makes sense to regularly examine the exterior of your home for areas where possums might be able to get in.

Possums tend to build a home under your home and then have litters of babies that will all end up living under your home too. Before you know it, there will be a whole tribe of possums living under your home and this is going to become problematic in a very short time.

Pestrol Outdoor Animal Repeller keeps small mammals from making a home under your house.

They will hear the noise that this device makes and continue on their way, looking for a more suitable location to call home.

Pestrol Outdoor Repeller








If you already have a possum family living at your home, Pestrol Possum Trap is a handy device that can help you to trap these small mammals and relocate them to a different area away from your home.

You should drive several kilometres away to release your possums so they are not likely to return to your home in the future.











Summertime is the time of the year when everyone loves to sit outside well into the evening. The problem is that when you are sitting outside after dark mosquitoes can sense the carbon dioxide that you are giving off in your breath and they will eat you alive if you are sitting outside past sundown.

Many mosquito repellent spray on products are quite toxic and you should be careful with these products.

The Pestrol Insect Shield clothing line provides an odorless repellency which lasts for up to 70 washings which is longer than most garments last. These products are U.S. EPA registered and repel ticks, ants, mosquitoes, flies, midges and more.











The Pestrol Bug Eater attracts bugs and drowns them and is a great option for people who want to be able to sit anywhere outside without being bothered.










Another great product is the Pestrol Exterminator Outdoor Mosquito Trap. This device actually emits carbon dioxide to attract mosquitoes and keep them from dining on you. The mosquitoes enter the trap and are eliminated quickly and easily. All you need to do is empty the dead bodies out of the trap every so often.











Please contact us if you need an advice regarding pest control solutions for your home.

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