ECOBIRD Diffuser | White


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  • Tailored Design
    Ecobird Diffuser efficiently combats pest birds by dispersing Ecobird 4.0 with the highest MA concentration. Its 500ml capacity and 24/7 coverage up to 2000m3 ensure continuous protection.
  • Intelligent Operation
    Featuring an inbuilt timer and Bluetooth connectivity, users effortlessly manage output for peak results, even during high bird pressure. Take charge and eliminate bird nuisances effortlessly.
  • Unmatched Effectiveness
    Ecobird 4.0’s superior efficacy and longevity simplify outdoor hazing, proven effective in various settings like cropping, landfills, warehouses, carparks, and supermarket entrances.
  • Hassle-Free Solution
    Ecobird Diffuser offers hassle-free bird deterrence, allowing you to reclaim your space confidently. Rely on its proven track record to bid farewell to pesky birds disrupting your environment.

Purchase the EcoBird 4.0 Bird Repellent Liquid here:ECOBIRD 4.0 | 5 Litre

Looking to bid farewell to those pesky birds causing a fuss? Look no further than the Ecobird Diffuser, a nifty gadget specially crafted to tackle bird-related headaches. Armed with the potent Ecobird 4.0, this diffuser doesn’t hold back when it comes to dispersing a solution that means business.

With a generous 500ml liquid capacity, the Ecobird Diffuser 12v unit ensures round-the-clock coverage for spaces up to 2000m3. Talk about an all-day, all-night bird-free zone! Plus, with its clever inbuilt timer function and Bluetooth connectivity, you’re in control. Set and manage output functions like a pro, especially when those bird pressures reach their peak.

And let’s talk about Ecobird 4.0 – it’s the real deal. Boasting the highest concentration of MA around, it’s all about superior efficacy and longevity. Perfect for outdoor cropping, landfill areas, warehouses, carparks, you name it – this solution has proven its worth. Say hello to hassle-free bird deterrence, and reclaim your space with ease.