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Designed to monitor the presence of Tineola bisselliella adult male moths inside clothing and other fabrics in both domestic and/or professional storage.

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How does the trap works?

The NoPests Clothes Moth traps are designed to attract moths with the pheromone lure as well as a patent black stripe that is printed onto the trap itself to increase attraction. Once the moths enter the trap, the moths get caught on the non-drying glue coated within the inside of the traps themselves.


– Remove the protective cover paper on the trap.
– Fold the trap into the delta cross-section and then lock the tabs together, placing the lure in the center of the trap.
– Place the trap on the shelving or floor adjacent to where the affected materials are.
– Avoid hanging the traps, but if they need to be hung then this should be as low as possible so that they can be monitored.

Trapping Season:

Place the traps in storage areas or near the items at risk throughout the year. The timing of pest appearance will vary with the external climate and other factors such as the use of central heating etc. This insect is noted as a poor flier and will not normally venture very far from the source of infestation.

Change of Trap:

One trap should be sufficient to monitor a single confined space, where larger areas need to be monitored a minimum of one trap per 10m2 should be used.

Technical Specifications:

Contains 1 disposable trap and 1 pheromone lure

Disposable traps should be replaced every 6 weeks or when the sticky surface becomes saturated with dead insects.

Observations and Data Recording:

Catches should be recorded once per week or on a regular basis if this is not possible. Record the trap catch on a trap record sheet.


As the trap is composed of harmless materials, no special precautions are necessary.

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  1. jurys out, not caught any cloth moths yet, maybe there aren’t any in the wardrobe.

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  2. Quick delivery and happy with product.

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